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Netpresenter helps organizations function optimally in today’s high-demand workplace. Discover our four pillars with innovative solutions with which we can solve various communication challenges, and keep employees measurably better informed, engaged, productive, and safe.


Keeping employees informed will help them reach and realize their full potential at work. But reaching all your employees with the right and relevant information is more difficult in the modern workplace. As a result of globalization, hybrid working, and a diverse workforce consisting of office workers, non-desk employees, and field staff, work has become more dispersed. How do you reach everyone easily and effectively?

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Employee Communication

Achieving company goals starts with effective employee communication. It’s all about strategically distributing relevant and timely information across (specific groups of) employees in ways that match their needs.

Organizational Change

Change management is one of the hardest parts of any organizational change. Employees often resist change intrinsically. With the right internal communication strategy and tools, you will overcome this resistance and speed up the organizational change.

Non-Desk Employees

Non-desk employees are often disconnected from the organization. Due to the nature of their work, they have limited access to traditional communication channels. Adapt your internal communication to reconnect your workforce.

Leadership Communication

From head office to the front line – getting your effective leadership communication out to every employee in your organization calls for a streamlined solution that enables a direct connection and a personalized conversation.

Employee Onboarding

The first days and weeks at a new job are critical – so make new hires feel at home and engage them from the start through a smooth digital experience and access to all the information they need to hit the ground running.


Engaged employees are more productive, achieve better results, and stay with their organization longer. However, a variety of factors can contribute to lower engagement levels: a lack of transparency at work, of understanding how an individual’s daily tasks contribute to company goals, of clear and timely communication, and a lack of feeling like an important part of the organization. How do you keep everyone engaged?

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Employee Engagement

Culture and engagement start with connection. Reach, include, connect, and engage every single employee in your organization with a smooth digital experience and an intentional human touch. Wherever they are.

Organizational Culture

Your people are the center of your culture. Put them at the heart of your organization and help them excel with a solution that empowers them, enables them to share and learn, strengthens culture and values, and connects your entire staff.

Behavioral Change

Inspiring and forming new habits is a matter of playing the long game. Effectively and successfully changing your employees’ behavior requires a long-term approach in which the full range of your communication channels is employed.

Employer Branding

Creating a strong employer brand starts from within. Establish a shared understanding of your organization’s goals, vision, and mission to create a meaningful connection to your brand and turn your employees into ambassadors.

User Adoption

User adoption of new tools is a challenge for any organization. Internal communication plays a key role in engaging your employees and ultimately adopting a new tool. It can even be used to drive people towards specific tools, increasing the adoption rate instantly.


Productive employees are the foundation of your organization and of reaching your business goals. However, productivity isn’t a given: distractions, information overload or a lack of information, too little collaboration, no clear goals and expectations, or low engagement can all get in the way of employee productivity. How do you use communication to address these problems and boost your staff’s productivity levels?

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Workplace Efficiency

Employee communication can be a time-consuming task requiring multiple departments and a lot of staff. Netpresenter boosts your workplace efficiency significantly by making communicating with staff easier, faster, and more effective.

Employee Training

Employee training is crucial to stay on top of your game in this ever-changing, dynamic world. Yet when information is not repeated often enough, it is doomed to be forgotten just as quickly. To make sure new knowledge will stick, employers need to look beyond the one-off training.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is essential for every organization. There are many ways to gather data. Getting the data in the rights hands, however, is an entirely different challenge. Make your organization truly data-driven by distributing real-time intel instantaneously to all employees.

Employee Productivity

Employee productivity can skyrocket when everyone is focused, engaged, and, most importantly, free of distraction. The problem is that distractions are inevitable in the modern office. Streamlined internal communication helps to increase employee productivity.

Information Overload

Traditional channels are missing the mark: grabbing your employees’ attention in a world of information overload involves attractive, digital content that prioritizes your people and engages them in a more dynamic and visually-appealing way.


Your organization’s (digital) safety is one of the most critical factors of a thriving business. However, there are many safety risks; the number of cyberattacks is still growing, and data loss can cause significant problems. Physical safety risks such as accidents or fire are looming, and mental health issues such as burnout are on the rise. How can communication keep your employees and organization safe in every way?

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Emergency Communication

In emergency situations, ensuring the safety of employees depends on effective emergency communication. This calls for a robust and reliable alerting platform. A platform that delivers unmissable alerts by taking over all available screens within the organization. 

Cybersecurity Awareness

The increase in cyber attacks means cybersecurity is on top of the agenda for organizations around the world. To improve cybersecurity, many organizations turn to technical solutions. Yet to truly strengthen cybersecurity, you need to create a human firewall of resilient employees.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is about strategically and quickly sharing information during a crisis. It’s vital to prevent a situation from harming an organization’s reputation and operations. How well this crisis information is communicated can either worsen the situation or help control it.

Compliance Communication

Compliance communication informs and educates employees on important topics like legal requirements, regulations, and protocols. It’s vital to create a culture where everyone actively follows compliance guidelines and behaves accordingly. This protects the organization in various ways and on multiple levels.

Employee Wellbeing

Improving employee wellbeing and building a health culture in your organization involves more than just focusing on physical health. It also includes attention to mental, emotional, and social aspects, along with using the right communication tools to deliver the message.