Traditional channels are missing the mark: grabbing your employees’ attention in a world of information overload involves attractive, digital content that prioritizes your people and engages them in a more dynamic and visually-appealing way.

information overload netpresenter

The ease of sending messages and the proliferation of communication channels has created an environment of information overload. Employees are flooded each day with messages of little relevance, opposing priorities, and low value – mostly sent through one channel: email. As a result, every piece of information competes for attention. Do your internal comms get lost in the shuffle?


Cut through the clutter,
improve productivity

Connect key information and messages to your workforce seamlessly, without adding to the information overload. Overcome selective attention and enhance lasting remembrance with well-designed, relevant, high-value communications.

bite-sized information

Serve it bite-sized

Serve bite-sized chunks of information to your workforce to avoid snowing them with vital communications and to help messages stick.

costly disruptions

Minimize costly disruptions

Drive productivity and operational efficiency by reducing (email) disruptions and time spent searching for misplaced emails and other key info.

information processing

Spur information processing

Help your staff recognize and recall information easier. Support employee cognition by repeatedly exposing your workforce to visual cues.

information distribution

Reduce email fatigue

Guide staff towards the information they need to do their job well by leaning on multiple comms channels - without swamping their inboxes.

Boost relevancy
with targeting settings

Who wouldn’t want to read a message specifically written for them?! Research your audience, segment them by needs and employee group, and use our targeting setting to communicate relevant messages to specific employee groups such as specific individuals, teams, departments, or office locations.

Guaranteed readership
with Desktop Alerts

Instantly grab any audience’s attention with our Desktop Alerts. They allow you to broadcast breaking news to any location at any time, offering fast and efficient cut across for vital information or time-sensitive messages your employees can’t afford to miss. Guaranteed readership! 

Wasting money and time because of distractions and ineffective communication

After being distracted, it takes about 25 minutes to refocus. Learn what distracts employees and how much these daily distractions cost your organization.

Communicate visually to increase attention

Drive staff awareness by communicating visually, using a format that forces you to use less text. Our Corporate Screensaver, Digital Signage, and News & Alert app support the easy distribution of your content without interrupting or adding to information overload – less is more!


Measure and test
message performance

Every organization is different and unique requirements will affect your internal communications strategy. Netpresenter allows you to measure and test your communications’ performance to drive future strategy and increase employee readership.

Customer Story

DLL’s large TV Screens bring intranet headlines to employees’ attention

‘Before we started using Netpresenter, we communicated with our workforce via our intranet. Back then, employees had to search for the news proactively. We wanted to bring the news to their attention, so we started looking for a communication channel that allowed us to push the news to our staff members, rather than having them ‘look it up’.’