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Boost your Business Intelligence and become a data-driven organization. Automatically display Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards on every screen within your organization with our powerful integration.

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Microsoft Power BI is a great tool to gather data. But data can only help your organization move forward when it ends up in the right hands. By connecting it with Netpresenter, you can easily present crucial data to your employees and ensure everyone is up to date, always.

Share crucial data
with everyone

Make your organization truly data-driven. Distribute real-time Power BI dashboards instantaneously to all employees.


Easily show live data on screens

Experience the benefits of real-time data that constantly shows itself. Connect with Netpresenter and display reports and dashboards automatically on every screen.


Make data available for everybody

Enable employees at every level of your organization to have access to crucial data and provide them at any time of the day with key metrics they need to do their job.


Become a data-driven organization

Improve transparency in your organization. Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all departments. Gain valuable insights on how your company is performing.

“By connecting our Power BI with Netpresenter, we can zoom in on our business processes and present real time data to our employees”

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Tristan Hoogmoed ICT support at Hoenderdaal Fasteners

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How to easily share your Microsoft Power BI dashboards with your employees

Sharing your metrics with your staff is key to becoming a data-driven organization. Netpresenter can connect your dashboard to display a selection of crucial data on TV and PC screens.