Communication solutions
in different industries

Netpresenter helps organizations worldwide in different industries to keep employees measurably better informed, engaged, productive, and safe. Discover how we can help solve various communication challenges in the healthcare, industrial, government, and education industries.

healthcare communication notice


In bustling hospitals and healthcare facilities, communicating quickly and efficiently with medical staff, patients, and visitors is vital. Only a digitalized and omnichannel approach will ensure effective IC. Netpresenter takes care of all this.

Industrial Notice


Internal communication poses a huge challenge for many industrial organizations. Industrial employees are often scattered, work in hazardous environments, and are hard to reach. Netpresenter opens a direct line to every employee.

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Whether dealing with incident management, operational communications, or emergency notifications, a public or government organization needs to reach employees, visitors, or stakeholders. Communication is crucial to the services and programs government organizations offer to their audiences.

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Educational institutions have staff members and thousands of students across multiple locations. They need information, such as timetables, regulations, and campus news. Grab any audience’s attention with omnichannel communication.