The employee
and emergency communications platform

Employees measurably better informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

83% Better
informed employees
92% Improved
overall communication
77% More
engaged employees

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Keeping employees informed will help them to achieve their full potential at work. Relevant information will raise awareness of the bigger picture and increases understanding of leadership’s business choices. But keeping employees informed is more than sending information: it is about staying connected as a community.


Engaged employees have a higher productivity rate and achieve better results. By keeping employees engaged, you will retain your best people, enhance company culture, and increase chances of success. Engaged employees are the gift that keeps on giving!


Increasing production is a twofold operation. On the one hand, employers can support their employees in optimizing productivity by empowering them with valuable and applicable knowledge. On the other hand, production rates will benefit when distractions are eliminated. Both are essential for your organization’s success.


There are plenty of legislative requirements when it comes to offering a safe workplace. But why stop there? Keeping employees safe strengthens the relationship between employer and employee, and it improves engagement and productivity along the way. We are not just talking about physical safety, but digital safety as well!


Great communication
for great organizations

Netpresenter is successfully being used by many large corporations, governments, and hospitals around the world. Some of the organizations we love working with:

AMBER Alert Europe logo Large

Entire countries rely on Netpresenter to save the lives of missing children

Not only organizations use our platform. When a child has gone missing or is abducted, entire countries transform into one large missing children’s poster with the help of innovative Netpresenter technology. 

Getting vital emergency information across to 7,000 people on any available screen

Watch a news report on how Netpresenter helps the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) to alert its 7,000 staff members immediately and effectively with emergency alerts on every screen that are impossible to miss.

An integrated platform

The Netpresenter platform consists of native tools and apps to effectively reach all your employees. Discover all our tools below:

Corporate Screensaver
corporate screensaver netpresenter
Corporate Screensaver Discover this tool
Digital Signage
digital signage netpresenter
Digital Signage Discover this tool
Mobile App
mobile app netpresenter
Mobile App Discover this tool
Desktop App
Desktop App Discover this tool
Desktop Alerts
desktop alerts netpresenter
Desktop Alerts Discover this tool
Corporate Lock Screen
corporate lock screen netpresenter
Corporate Lock Screen Discover this tool
Corporate Wallpaper
corporate wallpaper netpresenter
Corporate Wallpaper Discover this tool
SMS Notifications
sms notifications netpresenter
SMS Notifications Discover this tool

Explore the powerful features of Netpresenter

Our platform has all the features and functionalities you expect a robust communications platform to have. Netpresenter offers many unique features such as targeting to reach specific audiences with relevant content, in-depth statistics, attention campaigns, polls and pulse surveys to get feedback from employees, striking notifications, and acknowledgements. Explore all our features and see how they enable you to keep employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

Our integrations make
your work easier

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Connect Netpresenter with the tools you already use to automatically publish, display and share content from various data sources. Integrate our platform with SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, Workplace, database, or Social Media accounts to easily redistribute your existing content on every available screen. Prevent double entry to save costly time and bring relevant content to your employees to keep everyone informed about the latest and greatest.