Employer branding

Creating a strong employer brand starts from within. Establish a shared understanding of your organization’s goals, vision, and mission to create a meaningful connection to your brand and turn your employees into ambassadors.

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While building a brand with your clients and customers is important, failing to treat your employees as the heart of your organization can harm employee engagement and employer reputation alike. Have you created a common culture and an environment where people love to work through a strong employer brand?

Turn employees
into fans 

Building a successful employer brand requires an inside-out approach. Provide transparent communication on important news, goals, achievements, and milestones to inspire and motivate your staff and keep employee experience high from day one.


Define your direction

Define your values, mission, and vision to provide a clear direction and give your business an identity or purpose with which your staff can identify.


Strengthen staff loyalty

Help people understand why their role is important and how they fit into the overall picture by aligning them with the company purpose.

support staff

Support your workforce

Bring your most important resources directly to your employees to support them in their daily tasks and make their working lives easier.


Inspire and empower

Encourage your employees to participate in the conversation and provide a direct line to company happenings and important information.

Involve your people
with two-way comms

Encourage your employees to participate in the company conversation by providing platforms for feedback and discussion. Netpresenter allows you to get valuable feedback with comments and enables your employees to speak up to make them feel like they’re an important part of the team.


Highlight key info
in Microsoft SharePoint

Enable your employees to excel at their jobs. Increase the visibility of your organization’s key resources and information with our Microsoft SharePoint integration. Broadcast SharePoint content on digital signage, PC, or smartphone to ensure your staff never have to search for it again.

How To Strengthen Your Employer Branding With Internal Communication

Your employer brand reflects your reputation, popularity, visibility, and viability in the employment marketplace. It also increases brand awareness, helps to attract and retain customers, and distinguishes your organization from its competitors.

Unite your workforce
with a common culture

Transcend your staff’s demographical diversity and geographical dispersity, and create a common culture. Netpresenter helps you champion local or org-wide achievements on all your comms channels to create a sense of togetherness and belonging that will make your staff love your organization. 

Make your workforce love your brand 

Promote your brand internally through visual and engaging communication channels that fully sidestep email. Netpresenter’s omnichannel platform helps you promote your brand internally to make your workforce fall in love.

Customer Story

United States Government Publishing Office Moves Beyond Print

57 percent of 2,400 GPO employees feel like Netpresenter helped improve communication ‘a great deal’. This successful project won GPO the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Silver Inkwell Award from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/Washington). GPO managed to significantly improve its overall communication, increasing employee satisfaction, motivating and inspiring staff, and making everyone feel part of the team.