Employee communication can be a time-consuming task requiring multiple departments and a lot of staff. Netpresenter boosts your workplace efficiency significantly by making communicating with staff easier, faster, and more effective.

Workplace efficiency

Today’s internal communicators operate in a workplace that’s globalized, digitalized, and hybrid, or even entirely remote. Ensuring their organization’s geographically dispersed office staff, field workers, and non-desk employees all get the information and news they need to thrive in their jobs can be a time-consuming and complex task. How do you reach everyone fast, efficiently, and effectively?

Give your efficiency
a significant boost

Netpresenter’s communication platform provides an efficient and effective communication tool for the entire organization, from HR to management. Create and manage your content from one CMS, integrate with the tools you already love to avoid double entry, and publish through multiple channels such as TV, PC, and mobile devices to ensure your messages reach everyone timely. No need to get multiple employees involved: one person can communicate with the entire organization from their desk!

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Spread news fast and efficiently

Spread important information, the latest company news, and even fun facts fast, easy, and efficiently through a multichannel communication platform.

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Reach all staff with one platform

Reach non-desk employees, field workers, and office workers with the same or tailored messages, all from one communication platform.

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Create and schedule content

Create your content in batches, schedule them and let Netpresenter publish at the exact right moment so you can focus on other important tasks.

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Measure message performance

Automatically gather valuable feedback on how your messages are performing, measure the impact, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Create and translate
with integrated AI

Work smarter with the world’s first AI-driven employee communication platform, and stop spending hours creating employee comms content! Our OpenAI integration allows you to create high-quality content quickly, translate it immediately into any language, and even summarize (SharePoint) content for display on your digital signage screens. Add AI-suggested images and visuals to make your message stand out, and the job’s done for you!

Save time and effort with our integrations

Stop publishing screenshots of your PowerBI dashboards or SharePoint articles! Connect the tools your colleagues already love using to Netpresenter and watch your job get done for you. Our integrations prevent double entry to save costly time. They automatically extract content from your tools and publish it to all connected devices. Automatically add a clickable button or scannable QR code to redirect your colleagues to the right news.

How employee communication platforms maximize workplace efficiency

Ready to supercharge your workplace efficiency? Look no further than employee communication platforms. In this infographic, we’ve compiled 15 bullet points outlining the key benefits of employee communication platforms. Let’s dive in!

Automatically remind staff of important news

Let’s face it: getting everyone to read an important message can be a challenge in today’s hybrid workplace. Not with Netpresenter’s attention boosters! They help you bring important news to staff without any extra effort. Each campaign can consist of multiple attempts to reach your audience automatically with unmissable notifications or pop-ups, and will retarget staff until they’ve read your message or taken the desired action.

Measure staff sentiment with (pulse) surveys

Measuring sentiment continuously? It’s a time-consuming task. As a result, many organizations don’t collect employee feedback often enough. With Netpresenter’s polls and pulse surveys, you receive employee feedback instantly. Create your pulse survey, use various recurrence options to publish your surveys automatically, and the platform collects the answers in a useful, actionable overview that helps you improve your staff’s overall sentiment.

Schedule content with automated scheduling

So busy you can’t even take a break? We’ve got the solution: automated campaigns and scheduling. Our scheduling and automated campaigns allow you to create (a series of) content once and publish it whenever it’s relevant. With a touch of AI, you can set an intensity level that determines how often your pre-created content gets displayed. Staff will see your messages, even when you’re out of office!

Some of our amazing customers

Customer Story

Faster, easier, and more efficient communication with Netpresenter

Before Netpresenter, publishing news on CEENTA’s digital signage screens was a very complex, well-choreographed operation that required multiple departments and a lot of staff. Today, CEENTA uses Netpresenter on all digital signage screens across their twenty locations, and publishing news is easier, faster, and more efficient.

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Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

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