Cut through the noise, inspire trust, and engage your hybrid workforce. Netpresenter provides a direct communication line to every employee so you can connect, inspire, and unite your staff to cultivate an open and positive culture.

Persona Management App

Our employee communications platform reaches everyone, wherever they are, ensuring consistent and targeted leadership messages that build trust and engagement. The platform connects you to employees across the organization with the push of a button, enabling you to get critical business information out in moments. Are you ready to unite your organization?

Netpresenter solves your management challenges

Netpresenter enables leaders to keep employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe. Create content in advance and schedule your messages to ensure staff regularly hears from those at the top. Make your vision, strategy, and priorities accessible to every employee by spreading information through every device in your organization for a direct line to even your remotest employees.

spotlight employee

Spotlight and humanize your leaders

Increase leadership visibility through frequent C-suite updates and daily insights with which everyone can engage to humanize your leaders.

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Strategically drive business goals

Strategically deploy your internal comms by promoting campaigns that directly align with your various objectives to drive performance goals.


Share your vision and results

Cultivate a culture of transparency by sharing and clarifying your vision, strategy, and goals. Publish business results to boost morale and productivity.

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Build trust with leadership comms

Unite and engage your entire workforce with authentic communication that draws attention such as news items, videos, and articles.

“Netpresenter is an efficient tool that allows us to directly and immediately reach our staff with critical communication at the right time, within their workflows.”

john gaede
John Gaede Director of Information Services at Sky Lakes Medical Center

Keep your hybrid
workforce up to date

Netpresenter gives leaders a direct line to staff for everything from org-wide news to quarterly updates, enabling teams to stay connected and up to date. Manage communication across mobile devices, digital signage, and desktops and laptops, improving focus and giving employees the flexibility to consume information when, where, and how they choose while still staying in touch with leadership.

Improve communication,
boost engagement

Delivering timely, personalized management employee communication that cuts through the noise and reaches staff when they’re primed to engage improves information flow and boosts employee engagement. Our customers report better-informed employees, improved overall communication, and higher engagement levels – even in today’s hybrid and dispersed workforces.

Reach your staff
whenever you want

No way to reach your staff during a crisis? No problem! By leveraging every device in your organization as a communication channel, Netpresenter completely bypasses email to deliver information. Reach your staff during a crisis – or when all goes well – with personalized and targeted communication to provide a single source of truth when they need it most.

We’re Awarded in
Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

“Netpresenter is AMAZING! A game-changer!”


“It is a stable and rock-solid solution for communicating to employees with impact”


“Flexible Tool for Variety of Communications”


Customer Story

Getting the right information to the staff

Sky Lakes Medical Center had difficulty reaching their staff prior to Netpresenter. The feedback management consistently received in the past from staff across multiple departments reflected their frustration. They told them: ‘we need you to communicate with us so that we can do our job.’ Netpresenter allows Sky Lakes to directly and immediately reach their staff with critical communication at the right time, within their workflows.

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about Netpresenter, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

How is using your product different from other tools?

Netpresenter is a unique platform within an omnichannel communication strategy for our existing customers. Netpresenter helps you keep your staff informed, engaged, productive, and safe by leveraging every screen in your organization to display the latest news from one platform. We’ve created our platform to fit various audience groups’ preferences, and we’ve combined various communication channels such as digital signage, screensavers, and a mobile app so that organizations can reach every employee with the latest news – in real-time. Yes, even your frontline workers, non-desk workers, and remote workers! Netpresenter helps you to communicate visually, as our platform was designed to display short messages that draw attention when your staff isn’t focused on their tasks and is most receptive to information. Many of our customers use Netpresenter to enhance their intranet or email messages and bring these existing messages to their staff’s attention before redirecting them to the full message on their intranet, in an email, or in the Netpresenter mobile app.

I don't want to flood staff with information. Is Netpresenter an addition to our existing information overload?

Netpresenter was designed from the ground up to communicate as effectively as possible. Employees will see messages when they aren’t focused or busy, for example when they are logging into their workstation or having a coffee break. Our targeting features ensures they will only receive messages that are actually relevant to them.

We already use intranet/Teams/Email. What will Netpresenter bring to the table?

Existing apps for communication and collaboration are great, but often only serve one specific purpose. Netpresenter goes beyond that and connects the entire organization in a smart, effective way. Employees get the right information at the right time, allowing them to stay informed while also staying focused and productive.

How do I know Netpresenter will bring positive change to our organization and what is the effect of Netpresenter?

Our statistics feature will give you a great overview of how many employees are actively reading and engaging with your content. A stats report will show you, among other things, the informed and engagement ratio, the (total) number of readers and comments and reactions, all in relation to the target audience. This can be requested for various time spans such as a week or a month. This allows content managers to measure their efforts and determine whether targets are met. Additionally, our platform enables you to distribute (anonymous) polls and pulse surveys, that allow you to measure your organization’s pulse and ask your staff for their honest opinions. Our customers report that 83 percent of employees feel better informed; they also report 92 percent improved overall communication and 77 percent more engaged employees. Need more proof? Take a look at our customer stories or G2 review page to see what customers say about Netpresenter.

How do I know employees will read the messages on Netpresenter?

Netpresenter keeps track of many key statistics, including how many people have read or interacted with a message, clicked on links, and more. All available stats can be found per message as well as stats about the last 7, 30, 180, or 365 days, all in one convenient dashboard.

Communication should be a two-way street. Do you offer possibilities for interaction?

Yes! We offer multiple interaction methods. The Employee App allow employees to react and comment on messages and on each other, as well as participate in polls and pulse surveys. When required, they can also acknowledge they’ve seen or read a message. Content creators can see key stats regarding all interactions at a glance in their dashboard.

Why would we need an omnichannel communication solution?

All-in-one tools like Netpresenter can save your content creators a lot of time, as they can manage all content in one central CMS. Stats from multiple channels are also combined, giving your organization a better, more complete overview. Additionally, multiple communication channels will ensure you genuinely reach every employee in your organization. Digital signage can be used to reach everyone, from office workers to factory workers to non-desk employees. A mobile app for smartphones is an ideal communication channel to reach field workers or employees who are always on the road. It will also help make employees feel like they’re a part of the organization, even if they’re not physically inside your organization’s buildings. A corporate screensaver installed on employees’ laptops or desktops helps keep remote workers informed and is also widely used by our healthcare customers to reach clinicians and clinical staff with important information. Our customers also notice that this unique mix of communication channels allows them to reach every target group optimally. 

If I say 'yes' to Netpresenter today, how long does it take before we are operational with your solution?

This depends partly on your organization’s specific wishes: which features, tools and integrations would you like to use, and in which environment would you like Netpresenter to run? However, typically, we can get you up and running in 1 to 3 days, and you can start publishing content on your employee communication platform immediately after that!

How big is the workload for our IT team when we wish to use Netpresenter?

The workload for your IT team depends on your chosen solution: cloud or on-premise. However, after the initial installation of the application, the workload for your IT team will be minimal.

The installation of any on-premise server will be intensively supervised by a support employee. For the deployment of the clients, custom MSI packages will be delivered, accompanied by clear instructions. The management of the clients can be part of your standard workplace management, as it concerns devices with a Windows operating system.