Culture and engagement start with connection. Reach, include, connect, and engage every single employee in your organization with a smooth digital experience and an intentional human touch. Wherever they are.

employee engagement netpresenter

Employee engagement has never been more important. To improve employee engagement, you need to connect with everyone – at the right time. Including your field staff. Including your remote employees. Including your employees who have a hard time navigating technology. Does your organization have the tools to engage all your employees at work, wherever they are?

Harmonize technology
and humanity

Remote work has become the new normal for large parts of organizations across the world. Keeping your workforce engaged while they work outside the office calls for the right digital tools and a deliberate human touch to create a meaningful connection.

employee voice

Give staff a voice

Enable dialogues that drive innovation by allowing people to connect and discuss using common social actions such as comments and likes.

higher productivity

Trust and transparency

Build stronger levels of trust - help employees drive team or organizational performance by providing transparent insights into company performance.

spotlight employee

Recognize and celebrate

Put employees in the spotlight to emphasize that all milestones, both big and small, matter, and employees' actions are appreciated.


Be clear and effective

Provide your staff with multiple non-distractive and non-intrusive communication options to inform them of key information effectively.

Empower employees
through social features

Bring the power to your employees! Enable them to voice their opinion, contribute knowledge, and celebrate achievements. Netpresenter provides tools to share success stories, show appreciation, and celebrate achievements. Publish them omnichannel for all to see to increase engagement at work.

Eliminate barriers:
go omnichannel

Eliminate barriers by enabling an easy connection. Employees can consume information using their preferred device: smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV. Our News & Safety App connects employees on the go, while our Corporate Screensaver and Digital Signage connects your desk-workers.

Self-assessment employee engagement

Global levels of employee engagement remain under 30 percent, proving companies still struggle to engage their employees and retain the same level of employee engagement year after year. To self-assess the levels of engagement in your organization, we developed this self-assessment.

Integrate with
your existing apps

Make access easier, build a culture of transparency, and create a united work environment. Netpresenter integrates seamlessly with your existing applications, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint for easy collaboration, and Power BI for transparency on company data. Your staff will never miss a beat!  

Connect strategically with push notifications

Direct messages to dedicated departments or teams, or target your information company-wide. Netpresenter’s push notifications for smartphones, PC, and TV ensure every employee receives the same message at the same time when it matters.

Customer Story

Perfetti van Melle: ‘A sweet collaboration in internal communication’

‘By sharing company news and fun information, we notice that our staff is feeling, and getting, more engaged. They are informed quickly, and the messages are topic of conversation on our work floor.’