Inspiring and forming new habits is a matter of playing the long game. Effectively and successfully changing your employees’ behavior requires a long-term approach in which the full range of your communication channels is employed.

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Changing your behavior and adopting new habits can be hard – your employees might need a little help. Nudging people along in the right direction starts by explaining the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ before introducing the desired change, and repeating them continuously. Does your internal communication strategy support behavioral change or do you leave your workforce groping in the dark?

Inspire your workforce,
realize change

Realizing behavioral change requires staff buy-in and motivation, inspirational internal communication content, systematic repetition, and a collective bull’s eye. Employ your communication channels in a campaign-approach to provide a motivating and engaging change experience.

build understanding

Build understanding

Build understanding through frequent updates and leadership visibility, so staff stays up to date and are encouraged to start a dialogue with leaders.


Provide clear directions

Clearly outline what the desired behavior looks like and keep repeating it to inspire and motivate your employees to show behavioral changes.

pieces of information

Drip-feed information

Avoid overwhelming your workforce with messages; send out your information in small batches to give your staff a chance to take in news gradually.


Set an example

Include and communicate about prominent employees and internal influencers that walk-the-talk to set an example your workforce can follow.


Promote a culture of compliance

Promote compliance to protect your organization against the risk of compliance breaches by your employees - even those working remotely.

Minimize the
intention-action gap

Bridge the gap between your staff’s intention to show behavioral change and action by using attention boosters. Actively send reminders until employees adopt the desired behavior.

Use the power
of repetition

Reinforce the desired behavior by constantly sending passive reminders. Netpresenter’s omnichannel platform broadcasts your message to any and every device in your organization without interrupting your workforce – a gentle way of learning something new!

Infographic: How to help your employees make Successful Behavioral Changes

In most organizations, less than 20 percent of people are prepared to make changes imposed by others. How can you help your employees make successful behavioral changes with internal communication?

Bring the knowledge,
provide the resources

Changing behavior can only be done with the right knowledge and resources: use Netpresenter’s SharePoint integration to provide easy access to all digital resources your staff might need, and repeat this information automatically.

I get by with a little
help from my friends

Give your employees a platform to help each other by discussing tips, questions, and achievements using our Microsoft Teams integration. It highlights the most popular conversations on every screen in your organization, so all staff knows what’s hot right now – and can join the convo. 

Customer Story

Augusta Housing Authority’s approach to reinforcing information

Augusta Housing Authority employs Netpresenter to reinforce visitor information, send out helpful reminders to staff, and change behavior regarding cybersecurity and cyber awareness. ‘With Netpresenter, staff have that constant reminder of what is going on in their own department.’

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Some questions
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What is a Behavioral Change Communication strategy?

Behavioral change communication is a strategy that encourages employees to change their behavior. It assists employees in adopting healthy, beneficial, and positive behavior. Successfully changing employees’ behavior requires a long-term strategy that uses the full range of communication channels.