User adoption of new tools is a challenge for any organization. Internal communication plays a key role in engaging your employees and ultimately adopting a new tool. It can even be used to drive people towards specific tools, increasing the adoption rate instantly.

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Whether it is a new CRM like Salesforce or an intranet solution like Microsoft SharePoint, new business applications are often met with reluctance. Although the tool was selected with care, employees might be set off by an unfamiliar interface, uncertainty about how the tool works, or are too busy to get used to the new way of working. How can organizations improve user adoption?

What is in it for them?

As with all organizational changes, employees might be too busy or unfamiliar with the new tool to see the benefits. When the benefits are not clear, user adoption rates will stagger.

Resist to change

Resistance to change

People are often reluctant to change things they are used to - including changing the tools they use.

unfamiliar with new tool

Unfamiliarity with the new tool

Without any guidance, employees might be set off by the unfamiliarity with the new tool.

insufficient awareness

Insufficient awareness

Not everyone might be aware of the new application's advantages, or even that the application was rolled out.

not enough time

Not enough time

Employees don’t have time to master or actively use a new tool when they see limited value.

Strengthen your
user adoption strategy

Roll out your user adoption strategy to everyone, from executives to frontline-, and even hard-to-reach non-desk employees. Align the entire organization and make everyone acquainted with the new business application.

Promote why
they should use it

Different departments and branches might use the same tool for different reasons. Use powerful targeting options to provide each employee with tailored content. Don’t just tell them why the company uses this new tool; tell them what is in it for them specifically.

5 tips to give your SharePoint user adoption a boost

Are your SharePoint usage stats a bit disappointing? Give your SharePoint User Adoption a boost right away with these 5 tips!

Distribute content

Popular tools like Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Teams integrate seamlessly with Netpresenter, making your content widely available for all employees. You don’t have to wait until they actively start using your new tool. Now you can bring the content to them!

A guaranteed
high adoption rate

Rolling out and improving the adoption rate of one new tool is already a handful. Don’t worry; Netpresenter runs on the hardware your employees already use daily, like smartphones, pcs, and digital signage screens. Employees don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy a better way of internal communication!

Customer Story

Janssen-Cilag increased the usage of Microsoft SharePoint

Janssen-Cilag, part of the healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, implemented Microsoft SharePoint as their new, international, and multilingual intranet. Thanks to Netpresenter, everyone now reads news published on SharePoint. Employees instantaneously read relevant news in their language.