Leadership Communication

From head office to the front line – getting your effective leadership communication out to every employee in your organization calls for a streamlined solution that enables a direct connection and a personalized conversation.

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Effective leadership is about engaging, inspiring, and including your workforce. A genuine connection and sense of loyalty and trust arise only when your employees regularly hear from those at the top. Authentic and effective leadership communication forms the basis of constructing a more united organization. Is your leadership communication approach the thread that makes it all happen?

Unify your leaders
and your workforce

Connect important information and messages to key audiences seamlessly. Bring every employee, from the shop floor to the top floor, closer to leadership. Employ various communication channels and content formats to provide an inspiring leadership communication experience.


Spotlight your CEO

Increase leadership visibility through frequent C-suite updates and daily insights with which everyone can engage.

direct connection

Connect directly

Connect every employee directly to your executive leaders and align your workforce with your vision, strategy, and goals.

personal communication

Personalize your communication

Reduce the emotional distance between your workforce and your leaders through smaller-scale, targeted interactions and conversations.

centralize truth

Centralize the truth

Turn your leaders into a focal point by equipping them with a platform that provides a transparent source of truth and ownership.

Humanize your leaders,
start the conversation

Make your CEO approachable for every employee. Highlight their contributions in Teams, SharePoint or Workplace, or post directly to our platform and engage with employees.

Go for a more
personal approach

Our targeting feature enables you to aim your communication at a smaller scale. Target specific departments and offices, or display your message on thousands of screens worldwide just as easily.

Infographic: 10 Benefits of Effective Leadership Communication

Leadership communication is vital to key stakeholders such as employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. Discover the 10 greatest benefits of effective leadership communication.

Give your messages
that extra push

Important news? Make sure no one misses it, no matter where they work. With automated attention boosters, push notifications and acknowledgements, you can be sure everyone stays informed.

Measure the impact
with real-time reports

Find out exactly how many of your employees are engaging with your leadership communication with our statistics feature. Gather valuable feedback on what content resonates with your workforce and what messages work best with real-time reports that can determine future strategy.

Customer Story

Our director regularly records a video message to keep everyone up to date

He records them for all members of staff because many people are now working from home. And we use our screens and screensavers to grab our colleagues’ attention. The screens direct people to our intranet to watch it.’

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Leadership Communication solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is leadership communication?

It is used to communicate a company’s culture, mission, vision, and crucial messages by leaders to build trust and inspire and encourage employees. It fosters an open and transparent culture and helps employees understand certain leadership decisions.

Why is leadership important in communication?

Leaders want to inspire, change, or empower employees to do their job and reach common goals. Communication is the only way to gain that trust, which, in turn, will benefit the organization.