Leadership Communication

From head office to the front line – getting your effective leadership communication out to every employee in your organization calls for a streamlined solution that enables a direct connection and a personalized conversation.

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Effective leadership is about engaging, inspiring, and including your workforce. A genuine connection and sense of loyalty and trust arise only when your employees regularly hear from those at the top. Authentic and effective leadership communication forms the basis of constructing a more united organization. Is your leadership communication approach the thread that makes it all happen?

Unify your leaders
and your workforce

Connect important information and messages to key audiences seamlessly. Bring every employee, from the shop floor to the top floor, closer to leadership. Employ various communication channels and content formats to provide an inspiring leadership communication experience.


Spotlight your CEO

Increase leadership visibility through frequent C-suite updates and daily insights with which everyone can engage.

direct connection

Connect directly

Connect every employee directly to your executive leaders and align your workforce with your vision, strategy, and goals.

personal communication

Personalize your communication

Reduce the emotional distance between your workforce and your leaders through smaller-scale, targeted interactions and conversations.

centralize truth

Centralize the truth

Turn your leaders into a focal point by equipping them with a platform that provides a transparent source of truth and ownership.

Measure the impact
with real-time reports

Find out exactly how many of your employees are engaging with your leadership communication with our statistics feature. Gather valuable feedback on what content resonates with your workforce and what messages work best with real-time reports that can determine future strategy.

Start the conversation
in Microsoft Teams

Enable your leaders to make small and personable efforts in a ‘public’ digital space such as Microsoft Teams. A simple comment, like, or participation in an employee-driven communication will encourage others to contribute. Increase visibility of your leaders’ efforts through our Teams integration.

Leadership Communication: Why it Matters Most Now

By now, your remote employees are probably well accustomed to setting up Zoom calls or collaborating via Microsoft Teams. During the crisis, leaders must step up and work with internal communicators to support employees in one of the most disruptive periods of our time.

Turn your leader into a single source of truth

Create one place for all your crucial executive updates in your company-wide intranet and turn your leadership communication into a single source of truth. Our SharePoint connector doubles your reach and stops employees from ever searching for important CEO updates again.

Humanize your leaders with authentic content

Make your CEO approachable for every employee by giving them a tool to share their whole self. Change your leaders from distant rulers to human beings your workforce can connect with through authentic, unfiltered content.

Customer Story

Our director regularly records a video message to keep everyone up to date

He records them for all members of staff because many people are now working from home. And we use our screens and screensavers to grab our colleagues’ attention. The screens direct people to our intranet to watch it.’