Transform how your organization trains its employees with Netpresenter’s employee communication platform. Train your office staff, non-desk employees, and field workers throughout the year with automated training campaigns, wherever they are.

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Employees are never done learning. From an Emergency Response Officer refreshing their first-aid knowledge to developers using new tools, to employees brushing up their cybersecurity awareness; learning is part of any job. But adapting to remote learning and helping busy employees to find the time for their training can be challenging. How do you make sure staff’s knowledge stays up-to-date?

Transform training, boost learning

Training your always-busy, geographically dispersed staff requires a digital solution that enables tailored learning. Netpresenter’s employee communication platform will transform and revolutionize your organization’s employee training. Enable remote, digital, and personalized training with smart, automated learning campaigns. Train your staff all year, wherever they are, by continuously showing bite-sized pieces of training on every device in the organization: smartphones, PCs, and digital signage.


Update knowledge all year round

Train staff all year long instead of once or twice a year to increase training success and help your staff remember and use the things they learn.


Train staff wherever they are

Take your training campaigns to your employees through a multichannel platform that reaches them wherever they are on their device of choice.


Divide training into bite-sized pieces

Use a combination of various screens and devices to show small chunks of information over a period of time, making it easier to absorb the information.

maximum productivity

Tailor training to individuals

Tailor employee training to individual staff members with our built-in AI smart campaigns to test your staff's knowledge about various topics.

Train your staff with automated campaigns

Today’s busy staff should be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Train your staff with our automated Smart Campaigns to ensure learning is personalized to their own time schedule and knowledge. Create a training campaign for all employees, test your staff’s knowledge of the topic, and let AI tailor the campaign to your individual employees’ knowledge. Depending on their answers, employees will receive more or fewer content and questions, which they can answer at their own pace.

Test knowledge with gamified quizzes

You know employee training should be an ongoing effort, but getting every employee in the same room for their yearly training session is time-consuming and expensive. Netpresenter enables remote training and helps you train your staff all year long with short polls, surveys, and quizzes. Reinforce key concepts, keep information fresh with regular and frequent training, and fit training into employees’ schedules by enabling them to take quizzes anytime and anywhere, on their laptops or smartphones.

Employee Communication Quick Scan

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Track progress with automated statistics

Tracking progress, knowledge, and training success just got easy! Netpresenter enables organizations to train their employees and track knowledge and training success with the same platform to boost continuous improvements and increase productivity and ROI. Track metrics such as completion rates and average and individual quiz scores to measure your training program’s success, and solicit feedback from employees during and after the training program through surveys to improve training campaigns.


Repeat information
until it sticks

Want to make sure employees actually remember what they learn? Fight the forgetting curve with Netpresenter’s employee communication platform. Continuously show chunks of your employees’ training on every screen and device in the organization to reach every employee. A multichannel strategy ensures staff will get the information multiple times and at varying times of the day – all there’s left to do is repeat it until it sticks!

Customer Story

Augusta Housing Authority keeps everyone on their toes

Augusta Housing Authority uses Netpresenter to inform and remind their employees about ongoing cybersecurity threats constantly. Even though staff should already know not to click on certain links, these reminders are perfect for reminding them of the things they might not think about when they receive a suspicious-looking email.

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Employee Training solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What kind of training should be given to employees?

It all depends on what information you would like to communicate. Some examples are onboarding training, (soft) skills training, product training, compliance training, et cetera.

Why do employees need training?

Employee training improves employee performance, boosts employee productivity, reduces employee turnover, and improves company culture.

How do you train employees?

You must repeat your employees’ initial training often. Without repetition, we will forget most of what we learn within 30 days. To make sure new knowledge will stick, employers need to look beyond the one-off training, break training down into bite-sized pieces and update knowledge all year round. Use the power of repetition!