Organizational change comes in many ways, like the adoption of a new technology, an acquisition or merger, change in leadership or even (responding to) a crisis. The key to success with any change lies in keeping employees informed, engaged, productive and safe.

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Keeping employees informed is the very foundation of any organizational change, small or large. It is vital for helping employees be aware of changes and understand them. Keeping employees informed is more than just sending info: it is about staying connected as a community.

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Engaged employees have a higher productivity rate and achieve better results. During organizational change, engaged employees are more likely to support changes, saving time, and increasing the chance of success. They’re the gift that keeps on giving!

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Increasing production is a twofold operation. On the one hand, employers can support their employees in optimizing productivity by empowering them with valuable and applicable knowledge. On the other hand, production rates will benefit from eliminating distractions. Both are essential when executing organizational change.

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There are plenty of legislative requirements when it comes to offering a safe workplace. But why stop there? Keeping employees safe strengthens the relationship between employer and employee, improving engagement and productivity along the way. And we are not just talking about physical safety, but digital safety as well!