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Bring your SharePoint to life. Actively bring existing content to employees’ attention using any available screen and device within your organization. Generate more traffic and easily increase intranet visits.

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Increasing SharePoint usage is challenging, as employees actively have to visit your intranet site. Employees might be too busy or even lack the means to visit the intranet. Why not turn it around? Instead of trying to get people to visit the intranet, bring it to them. Automatically present the latest and greatest to your staff, without additional workload for content creators.

Instantly increase
SharePoint visits

With our integration, your SharePoint content will no longer go unnoticed. Important messages are automatically brought to everyone’s attention, and full articles are now just one click away.


Put a spotlight on SharePoint

Get your money’s worth by driving people to actively using it. Guide employees to relevant content and personalized news with just one click.


Automated updates prevent double entry

Save time and money by efficiently redistributing existing content. Information is automatically updated, greatly simplifying the content management process.


Bring intranet outside corporate walls

Ensure your intranet is accessible to everyone. Share relevant news and important headlines on mobile devices and keep employees without access to a PC in the loop.

“The popularity of and traffic to our intranet has increased considerable since we started using Netpresenter”

Niels Dekker Public Affairs & Communication Manager at RWG

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Increase your intranet traffic by combining SharePoint and Digital Signage

Microsoft SharePoint and digital signage are among the most popular tools to keep employees informed. Both solutions are very different, though, and anything but mutually exclusive. Our experience tells us that intranet and digital signage can enhance each other.