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Netpresenter has a lot to offer, and we are always developing new innovative features to make our platform even better. Explore our most popular features and discover how they bring your employee communication to the next level.

targeting netpresenter


Reaching employees efficiently, regardless of their location, has never been simpler. Utilize our targeting feature to send personalized content to specific groups, such as departments, global offices, or locations. Keep the content relevant to your audience and ensure everyone is aligned, whether they’re in the office or remote. You can even deliver targeted content to individual screens, effortlessly managing one or thousands of screens from a centralized platform. With just a few clicks, you can control and distribute content globally, empowering effective communication across your organization.

ai content generator

AI Assistant

Use the power of AI to make your job easier, get work done faster, and save time and resources. We’ve integrated AI into our platform as an AI Assistant, acting as an intelligent communication assistant to help you accomplish your daily tasks. Our innovative integration will help you get the job done more efficiently: it allows you to create, summarize, translate, and transform content with one or a few simple prompts. Use AI to take your existing content from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or your existing intranet, and generate the most relevant headlines, tailored to employees’ individual needs. AI even suggests matching visuals to make your messages get noticed!

attention booster netpresenter

Attention Boosters

Reach your goals with automated attention boosters. Create different types of boosters to reach specific targets or results, such as an awareness booster to maximize the visibility of your message, a booster to ensure employees cast their vote on a poll, or an acknowledgment booster to verify that people have received important information. Each booster can consist of multiple attempts to reach your audience automatically with notifications or pop-ups that are impossible to miss. Our attention boosters must only be set up once; the rest is done fully automatically. Automatic retargeting ensures you reach only those employees who have yet to take a specific action and will automatically stop once your goal is reached.


Statistics dashboard


Measurement matters. Gather valuable feedback on how your messages are performing. With Netpresenter’s Statistics feature, get a comprehensive view of your employee communications’ impact. Dive into an intuitive dashboard presenting informed rates, engagement, readers, comments, and reactions. Monitor communication trends and get per-message insights including the number of readers, reads, reactions, and comments. Harness these actionable insights to boost your messaging effectiveness and optimize employee engagement.

netpresenter smart campaigns

Smart Campaigns

Take employee training to a strategic level with our innovative Smart Campaigns. This feature enables to create an intelligent learning journey for the entire organization or targeted sections of it. By leveraging the power of repetition and AI technology, Smart Campaigns ensure 100% information awareness. This feature assists in content creation and distribution across various screens and devices in a way that doesn’t disrupt employees’ work. Through AI-powered testing, it continually assesses whether targets are reached or not – adapting training intensity based on the results.

polls netpresenter


Get all the answers you need effortlessly. Find out what motivates your workforce using our diverse polls feature. Gain crucial business insights with various types of polls such as multiple-choice questions, number polls, or engaging emoji and star ratings. Enable employees to vote conveniently from their desks or on-the-go via mobile devices. Customize poll options with voting periods and result options, and leverage attention boosters, attention-grabbing pop-ups, and real-time notifications to guarantee a 100% response rate.

pulse surveys netpresenter

Pulse Surveys

Track the pulse of your organization effectively. Receive employee feedback instantly and understand sentiment with targeted pulse surveys. Measure the health of your organization periodically with comprehensive surveys focusing on employee engagement, organizational culture, wellbeing, or other essential topics. Use various customizable recurrence options to automatically publish your pulse surveys on specific days or recurring intervals like every month or week. Follow critical trends with detailed in-depth statistics that provide insight into the results and participation numbers over specific periods.



Craft engaging messages in seconds with Netpresenter templates. Designed for diverse use cases like video showcases, photo collages, critical headlines, and more, these templates maintain a consistent look on all devices, from vast public screens to individual workstations. Whether announcing employee achievements, birthdays, social media updates, or visitor information, our ready-to-use templates simplify the creation of visually appealing content for any occasion.

branding netpresenter


Seamlessly incorporate your logo, color palette, and fonts into our ready-to-use templates to create a consistent, personalized communication channel. With Netpresenter, your corporate branding shines across all templates, ensuring uniformity and adherence to your brand’s aesthetics. Utilize our platform to make your communication as unique and distinctive as your brand. Your brand identity is precious; let’s ensure it shines through every message you send.

scheduling netpresenter


Embrace the ease of automated scheduling with Netpresenter. Pre-create messages and ensure timely publication – from birthdays, weekly or hourly updates, to employee recognition. Set recurrent schedules to maintain seamless communication continuity, even during your off-days. This feature allows you to work ahead, plan for specific events, and provide warm welcomes to visitors with timely information. Enjoy the convenience of automatic content removal when it’s outdated or irrelevant. With auto-unpublishing, effortlessly maintain relevance and fresh content at all times.

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Social Interaction TV Smartphone


Create a connected organization by promoting social interaction that makes every employee feel valued, no matter their location – office, home, factory, or on the road. Enhance engagement by inviting employees’ opinions, and encouraging interactions via sharing, liking, and commenting on corporate posts. This builds a bridge between management and staff, facilitating open dialogue. Always remember, it’s engaged employees that truly drive a connected organization successfully forward.

dynamic content


Save precious time and reduce effort with automations. Our platform integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Power BI, Teams, and popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to automatically extract and utilize content from an array of external sources. Drive engagement with a constant stream of infotainment, blending important updates with captivating tidbits. Facilitate effortless redistribution of your existing content across various screens, ensuring fresh and dynamic communication. By leveraging automations, ensure your corporate news always stays vibrant and interesting!

notifications netpresenter


Amplify your messaging impact with powerful notifications. Choose your preferred device and Ping! – swiftly deliver immediate push or Employee SMS notifications on mobile devices, or create attention-grabbing desktop pop-ups and Windows notifications on computers. Perfect for urgent communication, alerts, or essential updates. Utilize our effective, fully customizable notifications to efficiently share timely information, significantly enhancing employee engagement and ensuring no one misses out on crucial, important communications.



Educate your employees in a fun and engaging way with quizzes. By leveraging gamification, Netpresenter transforms employee training into an interactive and enjoyable experience. These quizzes encourage active participation and foster repetitive learning, ensuring vital information is understood and remembered. With real-time feedback, employees are motivated to engage and absorb knowledge more effectively. Create a culture of continuous learning and knowledge improvement in your organization with interactive quizzes that enhance the overall understanding among employees.



Ensure employee safety with alerts. Our robust alerting solution guarantees quick and effective communication in critical situations, ensuring that you can reach everyone quickly in case of an emergency or unexpected event, such as a fire. A push of a button is all it takes to deploy impossible-to-ignore alerts and notifications on every device or screen within your organization. Everyone will be promptly notified and know precisely what actions to take to stay safe and respond appropriately to the situation. Prioritize the safety of your workforce with this proven emergency communication solution, always ready to keep your team secure when it matters most.


Alert Scenarios

Facilitating rapid response times during emergencies, our Alert Scenarios enable you to create custom scenarios for various critical situations, ensuring utmost preparedness. Whether it’s fire incidents, severe weather, crucial management updates, or cyberattacks, our quick presets empower you to trigger alerts with predefined conditions like colors, icons, and sounds. Benefit from a seamless and efficient alert deployment for a wide range of emergency scenarios, allowing you to stay well-prepared and respond swiftly to any situation that may arise.

acknowledgements netpresenter


Ensure accountability and compliance by accurately tracking recipients of your messages. Desktop pop-ups and mobile app messages with acknowledgment buttons provide precise visibility of readers and non-readers. When employees click the call-to-action button (e.g., “Read,” “Received,” or “Seen”), they automatically join a response list. Gain a comprehensive overview of recipients, along with the date and time of acknowledgment. This feature is perfect for compliance communication and monitoring who has viewed vital information in your organization.



Effortlessly distribute documents or crucial information to all your employees. Supportive of various formats such as PDFs, Word documents, or images, it can send files to every PC and mobile device. Boost visibility using attention boosters or push notifications, thereby maximizing the number of downloads. This superior alternative to overlooked email attachments ensures your content gets the attention it deserves.

qr code-netpresenter

QR Code

Leverage QR codes to seamlessly guide your employees to the intranet, registration forms, videos, external websites, or other important resources. With Netpresenter, you can easily incorporate a QR code into your messages, converting any URL automatically into a scannable QR code visible on TV screens. Employees can scan the displayed QR code, leading them directly to the full message in the employee app, making information access even more immediate and convenient.

asset library netpresenter

Asset Library

Make your messages more appealing by adding multimedia files to your content. Easily manage your multimedia assets with our handy asset library. Upload your own images, GIFs, and videos, or use our GIPHY, and Unsplash integration to add the right media asset. You can also upload attachments, including PDF, Excel, and Word documents. Use custom tags, search, and sorting options to quickly find the asset you need.

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icon password desktop lock

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable single sign-on so users can use the same safe login credentials they also use for Windows.

icon password approved

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Use two-factor authentication in combination with Google Authenticator for maximum security.

icon multiple actions monitor

Account Types

Define seperate account types with different roles such as editor, publisher, and administrator.

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Track user actions such as editing, publishing, or deleting messages with logging.

icon synchronize arrow clock


Easily find, restore, and reuse deleted content with our handy message history feature.

icon tags favorite star


Create your own categories (e.g. HR, birthdays) to conveniently organize and retrieve messages.

time consuming


Set up automatic email reports, sent based on specific conditions or pulse survey ratings.


RSS Ticker

Display the latest news headlines and other RSS feeds as a scrolling ticker on every screen.



See at a glance what content is displaying on each screen and what your employees are seeing.

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Our cloud platform complies with ISO27001 and SSAE-16 standards to ensure your data security.