In bustling hospitals and healthcare facilities, communicating quickly and efficiently with medical staff, patients, and visitors is vital. Only a digitalized and omnichannel approach will ensure effective IC. Netpresenter takes care of all this.

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Keep your medical personnel up-to-date with healthcare communications. Broadcast critical and possibly life-saving information on all mobile devices and every single TV and PC screen in your healthcare facility. Alert everyone in urgent situations about vital hospital codes, cyberthreats, energy or system outages, procedures, or regulatory compliance changes. Provide directories with pertinent information for patients and visitors on public displays for effective way-finding.  

Essential comms for
essential workers

Put your people first in a field that’s always putting other people first. Connect and support every employee with a digital, omnichannel experience that unites people and essential knowledge. Inform and engage your diverse and time-poor workforce to help them help their patients.

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Reach Everyone

Inform medical staff as quickly as possible and reach everybody at the same time without requiring access to a computer or email.

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Clinical and non-clinical messaging

Keep your staff up to speed on all things clinical and non-clinical, from everyday healthcare hero recognition to HIPAA regulations.

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HR and Leadership Communication

Check-in on staff sentiment and mental health, encourage leadership transparency and support, and create a connected, more engaged workforce.

“The fact that Netpresenter allows the targeting of messages to specific audiences or locations is a big plus for us. We now have one single system to inform and motivate staff, update visitors and patients and alert everyone in case of an emergency”

Gretchen Tegethoff
Gretchen Tegethoff Director of Information Services at George Washington University Hospital

Target your messages and get them heard

When everyone’s busy saving lives, there’s little time to spare. Keep your people connected only to the stories and information that matter by sending relevant messages to the nearest device to hand—target content to specific units, locations, or individuals.

Meet frontline workers where they are

Frontline workers form the backbone of your healthcare operations, but reaching them can be challenging. Meet your frontline workers where they are by connecting them with an omnichannel healthcare communications platform that allows information sharing on the go through PC, TV, and smartphone—even with Single Sign-On Security (e.g., Imprivata).

Getting vital emergency information across to 7,000 people

Watch a news report on how Netpresenter helps the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) to alert its 7,000 staff members immediately and effectively with emergency alerts on every screen that are impossible to miss.


Proven for Healthcare communications

Netpresenter is successfully being used by many large hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Some of the healthcare organizations we love working with:

logo skylakes

A vital tool in Sky Lakes’ communication pathway

Before Netpresenter, Sky Lakes reached its employees through overhead announcements, emails, and posters. Nowadays, the hospital strategically directs communication with Netpresenter on computers and TV screens as the primary interface for their frontline staff.

Keep it short and
on repeat

With so much information and so little time, healthcare employees need clear and concise messaging. Netpresenter was designed to display short messages repeatedly for optimal information retention. Add a link to refer staff to the full-length message on the intranet or third-party sources without interruption or extra effort.

HIPAA Compliant Communication

Discover how we can support you with HIPAA Compliant Communication

Alert your staff of immediate threats

Alert your staff and prepare them for immediate threats to safety or systems such as IT outages or disease outbreaks with full-screen pop-ups and smartphone notifications. Instantly and simultaneously notify people to minimize operational disruptions—without causing panic to staff and patients.

We love our customers,
our customers love us

Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2. Read our reviews and find out why customers love us.

“Netpresenter makes it super easy to communicate with all employees in an accessible, professional way”


“My office employees love to sit back and watch the presentation every time their PCs go idle”


“A great and easy to use communication platform for your organization”


Success Story

VCU’s unique Performance Improvement approach

By feeding their employees positive stories about safety initiatives and error prevention, through Netpresenter driven screensavers, VCU creates a work environment that is more safety aware and that rewards original initiatives in the field of safety and error prevention.

Additional benefits for
healthcare organizations

healthcare communications hospital

Hospital Code Broadcasting

Transmit hospital color code alerts effectively without causing unnecessary panic and disruption for patients and visitors.

healthcare communications board

Compliance Communication

Quickly and effectively communicate the rules, regulations, and legislation that apply to the healthcare industry.

healthcare communications laptop

Emergency Pop-up Alerts

Use alert messages to improve emergency communication. The alert message pops up on targeted screens in crisis situations.

healthcare communications hands

Awareness Campaigns

Screensaver messages can be customized to promote important internal campaigns like hand hygiene awareness.

healthcare communications star

Embracing HCAHPS

Boost HCAHPS scores by using multiple modes of communication to emphasize crucial information and help patients remember key instructions.

healthcare communications location

Effective Wayfinding

Provide wayfinding to your patients and visitors and keep them informed about practical information like opening times and visiting hours.

What our
customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our valued customers say about Netpresenter. Read their testimonials and success stories below and find out how we help them daily to achieve their goals.

eric sommer brooklyn hospital
Eric Sommer Senior Writer at The Brooklyn Hospital Center
'It is easy to see why Netpresenter is so popular as everyone wants to be recognized for work well done. Netpresenter gives them that chance.'
Susan Griffiths Marketing Public Relations at GWUH
'Netpresenter is a really great way to reach people because you’re going to them where they already are: behind their computer or moving around the hospital.'
john gaede
John Gaede Director of Information Services at Sky Lakes
'Netpresenter is an efficient tool that allows us to directly and immediately reach our staff with critical communication at the right time, within their workflows.'