Discover how
Netpresenter works

Sending out a message with Netpresenter is almost as easy as sending an email. In just five simple steps, you’re able to reach everyone in your organization. See below how our communication platform works.

choose audience netpresenter

Choose Audience

First, start by selecting a (target) audience for the message you will be creating. With Netpresenter, you can easily target your messages to specific groups (e.g., departments, locations, or offices worldwide) or send a message to everyone at once. By defining separate channels with specific content, you can make your content much more relevant for your organization’s different audiences.     

how it works netpresenter

Select Template

Then, select a template from our template gallery. We provide you with dozens of visually appealing templates to choose from, all branded with your own corporate identity. Thanks to these templates, your messages look equally sleek on every screen, whether you display it via digital signage on large public displays, via screensavers on desktops and laptops, or in the app on mobile devices.


Create Content

Now it’s time to start creating the content you want to publish. Enter a punchy title and an engaging message to grab the attention of your audience. You can also add one or more media objects to make your message more appealing; this can be an image, GIF (yes, we love these, too!), or a video. It’s even possible to embed a video directly from YouTube.


Enable Options

It is now possible to enable some additional options that empower your message. You can set a specific time frame in which your message must be displayed or add a hyperlink to guide people to further information. You can also enable notifications to increase your messages’ visibility. Select one or more notifications, such as desktop pop-up or Windows notification for maximum exposure.


Publish Omnichannel

You’re almost done. Finally, publish your message omnichannel on every screen within your organization; PC, TV, and mobile devices. It’s even possible to publish your message directly to Microsoft Teams. Mix and match any of these powerful communication tools to reach your employees, wherever they are, and ensure your message is seen by all!