Discover how
Netpresenter works

Sending out a message with Netpresenter is almost as easy as sending an email. In just five simple steps, you’re able to reach everyone in your organization. See below how our employee communication platform works.


Choose Audience

Start by determining who needs to receive your message. Our platform makes it easy to target specific groups, whether they’re departments, different locations, or even worldwide offices. You even have the option to send a company-wide message to all your employees at once. By using specific target audiences, you can deliver messages that resonate with each of your organization’s departments. This targeted approach ensures that your message gets through to the right people, enhancing its impact and relevance.


Create Content

Next, create the message you want to send. Start with a compelling and punchy title to instantly grab your audience’s interest. Then, proceed to draft an engaging and clear body text for your message. If you need assistance, you can utilize our AI Assistant to help you create the content. Beyond creating, it can assist you in summarizing complex text, translating your content into multiple languages, or even altering the tone of voice to ensure your message is not only easy to read, but also resonates well with the audience in a meaningful way.


Add Media

Proceed to enhance your message with images, and videos, or add useful attachments. You can instantly bring your message to life by adding GIFs from GIPHY, grabbing the attention of your audience immediately. Use free stock images from Unsplash to visually support your text or embed videos directly into your message. You can also share additional resources by adding attachments that your audience can download. Our AI Assistant is also there to suggest suitable images, making this even easier.


Enable Options

Add additional options to enhance visibility and engagement for your content. Enable scheduling to automatically publish or unpublish your message at a specific date or time. Switch on interactions such as likes, comments, and reactions to encourage engagement with your audience. Additionally, you can include a call-to-action button, either as a hyperlink redirecting to external resources or as an acknowledgement button for receipt confirmation. Lastly, decide whether you wish to notify employees about the new message with a notification.


Publish Omnichannel

Finally, take a look at the masterpiece you created by previewing it, then publish your message omnichannel across all screens within your organization, reaching PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. After it’s published, measure your message’s impact with detailed statistics. Monitor your article’s performance, track who has viewed it and when, and identify who hasn’t seen it yet. In addition, observe the number of comments it receives, read through these responses, and track the interactions of your employees to gauge engagement levels.