Employee productivity can skyrocket when everyone is focused, engaged, and, most importantly, free of distraction. The problem is that distractions are inevitable in the modern office. Streamlined internal communication helps to increase employee productivity.

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It may seem like one of the biggest paradoxes of internal communication: keeping everyone informed so people can do their job in the best way possible, without creating additional distractions with meetings and corporate emails. How should organizations break this vicious circle?

Balancing internal communication

Distractions befall all of us during the day. Talking coworkers, buzzing phones, and the dreaded email overload disrupt focus and hamper daily productivity.


Too many meetings

It is tempting to plan a meeting for important news and updates – yet meetings are considered the biggest distraction at work.


Email overload

Emails are a close second. Not just newsletters and spam, but endless replies to cc’s and futile updates too.

missing messages

Missing important messages

Sending an email to an already flooded inbox does not guarantee that every employee will read the latest corporate news.

A new, non-intrusive way
of communicating

Instead of distracting and annoying employees with emails and meetings, communicate in a non-intrusive way. Netpresenter utilizes various screens, including digital signage screens and inactive PCs, to communicate with the entire workforce without interrupting anyone’s workflow.

Get live insights
to increase productivity

Display KPIs and other important metrics in real-time on various screens within the organization. Employees can make data-driven decisions without the IT department or data science team’s assistance, instantly increasing productivity across the board.

9 tips on reducing workplace distraction and improving communication

Want to reduce workplace distractions to increase productivity right away? Download our free infographic to learn 9 tips.

Enable employees to
maximize productivity

Some employees might prefer the solitude of working from home or resort to silence rooms now and then to maximize their productivity. When communicating device-agnostic, it no longer matters where and when employees are working. They can work wherever and whenever they like and still stay connected with their colleagues.

Increase productivity with gamification

Drive a healthy competition between coworkers by introducing game elements to the workplace. Publish KPIs, sales figures, business goals, and other important metrics in real-time to show how everybody is doing. Can you stay on top of your game?

Customer Story

Rotterdam World Gateway optimized its productivity

To keep productivity at a maximum, Rotterdam World Gateway needs to be able to communicate and adapt information quickly and easily. They now use digital signage screens to share useful information about fault messages, delays, and unforeseen closing times. Both office employees and non-desk employees, like truck drivers, know exactly how the organization is doing.