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Digital Signage is a powerful communication solution that transforms every TV screen in your organization into a vibrant channel for sharing internal news, important announcements, and more. It keeps your entire audience informed with eye-catching, targeted, and engaging content.

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With too many emails, low intranet visits, and difficulty reaching non-desk employees, external visitors, and customers, it’s challenging to capture your target audience’s attention. Digital signage offers a solution by actively, effectively, and visually distributing your company news and important information on TV screens throughout the entire organization.

Grab attention with dynamic displays

Digital Signage is a game-changing solution for reaching a wide audience, including (non-desk) employees, customers, visitors, and more. With eye-catching content and dynamic integrations on TV screens, it captures attention instantly. By delivering information directly and repeatedly to different target groups, Digital Signage ensures your messages are seen, remembered, and make a lasting impact.

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Reach more people

Effortlessly inform employees, customers, visitors, and more in high-traffic areas throughout your organization.


Grab attention effectively

Create visually appealing and captivating content that immediately grabs and holds your audience's attention.

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Integrate dynamic content

Integrate existing sources to include dynamic elements like social media posts, news and traffic information, and RSS feeds in your content

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Communicate with impact

Shift from pull to push communication and repetitively bring information directly to your audience to make a lasting impact.

Reach your entire target audience

Digital Signage is a powerful solution for effectively informing a diverse audience. It captivates desk employees, hard-to-reach non-desk employees, customers, visitors, and more. By strategically placing Digital Signage screens throughout your organization, you can exponentially increase your communication reach without disrupting busy moments. This ensures your messages are seen when people are most receptive, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Grab attention with visual communication

People respond best to visual communication. That’s why Netpresenter Digital Signage makes it easy to captivate their attention with stunning content. Whether it’s important announcements, internal news, or nice-to-know information, you can effortlessly create company-branded, eye-catching content enriched with images, videos, or GIFs. Display this content on every screen in your organization to ensure your messages grab your target audience’s attention and keep them informed.

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Enhance communication with dynamic content

Netpresenter Digital Signage enables you to integrate various external content sources into your daily communication. Display SharePoint headlines, weather and traffic updates, social media posts, RSS feeds, and more on your organization’s TV screens. The content automatically updates and refreshes itself, reducing your workload and ensuring you always show current information. This diverse, dynamic content captures attention and boosts engagement, ensuring your audience stays interested and up to date.

Make a
lasting impact

Switch from pull to push communication with Netpresenter Digital Signage. Deliver information directly to your audience instead of waiting for them to find it. By consistently displaying visually appealing and relevant content in strategic areas, you ensure your messages are seen and remembered. Encourage viewers to engage further by scanning QR codes. This active, targeted, and repetitive approach guarantees your communication makes a lasting impact.

“We love using our digital signage: our presentations are to the point, engaging and appealing. We are able to communicate better messages quicker to our patients and visitors.”

Olena Scarboro Director of Marketing at CEENTA

Other key features of 
Digital Signage

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User friendly

Effortlessly manage, and schedule content for all your screens from a single user-friendly platform.

Leadership involvement

Easy content creation

Easily create visually appealing, interactive content in seconds with our Content Management System.


Scalable to any size

Easily scale to any number of screens across as many locations as needed.


Easy monitoring

Monitor which content is displayed on each screen for a clear overview.


Corporate branding

Seamlessly incorporate your company's branding into your Digital Signage communication.


Targeted content

Show different content on various screens based on audience and location.


Interactive calls to action

Boost engagement by adding QR codes that guide viewers to external sources.

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Visual emergency alerts

Strengthen existing emergency systems with visual and immediate emergency alerts.

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Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

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Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Employee Digital Signage solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is digital signage?

It refers to display technologies such as TV screens or LED Walls to distribute information to reach predefined target groups. It can be used to communicate text and graphics with customers and visitors or employees. It usually concerns the information for a particular target group, in contrast to, for example, a television broadcast that reaches as large a group as possible.

How does digital signage software work?

It allows you to display information for a specific target group on digital screens. A small computer receives the content from the Content Management System (CMS) or a communication platform like Netpresenter and sends it to the screen.

What is a digital signage player?

A Digital Signage Player is a small piece of playback software installed on a computer that is connected to a TV on which you wish to display your content.

What hardware or screens do you recommend?

Download our guide ’How to get started with digital signage’ for tips on choosing the right hardware and optimal screen sizes.

What are the system requirements of your Digital Signage solution?

Visit our support center to download the system requirements and other tech sheets.

Is it possible to display different content per screen?

Definitely! You can target specific content to an individual screen or group of screens. By defining separate channels (e.g. reception, office or canteen) you can easily share different content on different screens.

Does Netpresenter also offer Digital Signage solutions for computers?

Yes, Netpresenter offers ‘desktop digital signage,’ which transforms any PC or workstation into a dynamic display of corporate information. This extends the reach of traditional digital signage to every computer, including home offices, ensuring all employees, whether in the office or remote, stay informed and engaged. Additionally, Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver maximizes communication opportunities by utilizing existing hardware and idle screens, enhancing employee communication and engagement across the entire organization.

Do you also have tips for Digital Signage content?

Of course we do! Download our free infographic ’14 clever ideas to use digital signage for’

Do you use templates? If yes, which templates do you have?

Yes, Netpresenter uses templates to display content (in your own corporate identity) on any screen. Check out our template guide for an overview of all the templates we offer.

Do you also offer screens or other hardware?

No. Netpresenter is completely software oriented.