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Our platform can be used up to the boardroom level by every stakeholder. Netpresenter’s communication platform provides a direct line from every department to every employee in your organization. Discover the benefits and find out what Netpresenter can offer all roles.

Communication person


Communication is the glue that keeps your organization together. Increase its impact with Netpresenter. Reach and inform all employees and visitors effortlessly, in real-time. Boost engagement and productivity levels and measure your success.

Persona IT PC


Drive efficiency for all departments. With Netpresenter, you provide your organization with a secure and user-friendly communications platform that allows your IC team to distribute information independently, efficiently, and risk-free.

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Persona Management App


Cut through the noise, inspire trust, and engage your hybrid workforce. Netpresenter provides a direct communication line to every employee so you can connect, inspire, and unite your staff to cultivate an open and positive culture.

Persona HR TV

Human Resources

Netpresenter helps you reach and engage every employee. Easily connect staff – remote and onsite – to company values. Motivate and empower them with strong HR communications to build a company culture that attracts and retains top talents.