When disaster strikes, emergency communication needs to be crystal clear, lightning-fast, and sure to reach everyone. Anything less jeopardizes property, data, and most important of all: people. The stakes are high, and organizations need a mass notification system for emergency communication.

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Fire outbreak, severe weather rolling in, or a cyber-attack hitting your systems; emergencies come in many ways. But all these emergencies have one thing in common: time is of the essence. How can organizations ensure they reach every employee in time with emergency communication while the clock is ticking?

Emergency communication or mass confusion?

When emergency communication during an emergency is not done right, it will only fuel confusion. Without a suitable mass notification system, organizations will face many challenges.

reach everyone

Reaching every employee

Organizations might struggle to reach everyone at the same time, especially remote and non-desk workers.

provide context

Providing contex

When an alarm sounds, it's important people understand the situation and what to do.

chain of information

Clear chain of information

During an ongoing crisis, different sources can contradict each other, leading to confusion.



Even when using the loudest slow-whoop, there is no telling if everyone heard it and acted upon it rightly.

time consuming

Current channels are time-consuming

When time is of the essence, it's not the time to write an email. You need to get the word out now!

Alert your
entire workforce

Leverage every screen in your organization for emergency communication, from the largest digital signage screens to people’s personal mobile phones, and turn them into the ultimate mass notification system. You will reach everyone you need, including those hard-to-reach non-desk workers, remote employees, and even guests and clients.

Create a single
point of truth

Create a trustworthy, central source of information with out Emergency Communication platform. With a corporate channel, employees know where to turn to find the latest on an ongoing situation. With push notifications, you can even inform employees immediately when needed and provide them with crucial information when it matters the most.

*Ping!* This is how you grab attention with notifications

Push notifications are hard to ignore. They are an ideal way to bypass everyone’s overflowing e-mail box. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you regain your employees’ attention by using notifications.

Instant confirmation
that everyone is safe

Do you need to be certain everyone received and read your emergency communication message? Let people press a button to acknowledge your message and confirm they are safe and sound.

Pre-made messages
to send out instantly

Create pre-defined alert emergency communication messages for the most probable emergency scenarios for your business. A fire hazard, contamination leak, or hurricane rolling in: with a pre-defined alert message, you alert everyone and provide them with the necessary information, all with just one push of a button.

Some of our amazing customers

Customer Story

Inform and alert an entire region or country at the push of a button

The Dutch Rotterdam-Rijnmond region is home to the largest port of Europe and home to 1.2 million people. Situated in a highly industrial and closely inhabited part of the Netherlands, it is a matter of national security that these people are instantly warned and know what to do in case of an emergency.

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Emergency Communication solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is emergency communications?

Emergency communications refer to the systems, methods, and technologies used to facilitate communication during emergencies or crisis situations. It involves the dissemination of information to the public, emergency responders, and other relevant parties to ensure effective coordination, response, and recovery efforts.

Emergency communications play a crucial role in various scenarios, such as natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes, floods), public safety incidents (e.g., fires, terrorist attacks), public health emergencies (e.g., pandemics), and other critical situations that require immediate attention.

What is emergency communication system?

An emergency communication system is a comprehensive set of tools, protocols, and technologies designed to facilitate effective communication during emergencies or critical situations. It is a coordinated network of communication channels and devices that enable the exchange of vital information among emergency responders, organizations, and the public.

What is an emergency communication plan?

An emergency communication plan is a documented strategy that outlines the protocols, procedures, and guidelines for effective communication during emergencies or crisis situations. It serves as a roadmap for how individuals, organizations, and communities should communicate, both internally and externally, before, during, and after an emergency event.

The purpose of an emergency communication plan is to ensure that critical information is disseminated accurately, efficiently, and to the appropriate stakeholders. It helps minimize confusion, facilitate coordination, and support timely decision-making during high-stress situations.

How to communicate in an emergency?

Communicating effectively during an emergency is crucial to ensure the safety of individuals, coordinate response efforts, and provide timely and accurate information. Download our infographic ‘Is your organization prepared in case of an emergency?

What are Mass Notifications?

Mass notifications are alert messages to individuals or groups of people. Leverage every screen in your organization, from the largest digital signage screens to people’s personal mobile phones, and turn them into the ultimate mass notification system. You will reach everyone you need, including those hard-to-reach non-desk workers, remote employees, and even guests and clients.