Activating millions of people in the search for missing children

Did you know that we are also the proud sponsor of AMBER Alert Europe? When a child has gone missing and the police believe the life of this child is in imminent danger, entire countries transform into one large missing children’s poster with the help of innovative Netpresenter technology.

Within seconds, a picture and description of the missing child are shared with the public using digital billboards, highway screens, popular apps, websites, text messages, social media, and e-mail, activating millions of citizens in the search for the child. It is this exact technology that we have translated to the corporate world.

A contribution to an
important mission

Every year, over 300,000 children are reported missing in the EU. To change this, we have dedicated more than 20 percent of our time and resources to saving missing children since 2008. Every day, we pull out all the stops to keep innovating and expanding AMBER Alert systems. That is how we make a contribution to their important mission: #ZeroMissingKids.

amber alert netpresenter

from the heart

Even though many milestones have been reached, we are in it for the long haul. We will continue to use our knowledge and expertise to contribute to the search for missing children for many years to come. We do it from the heart, 24/7.


More than just technology

When it comes to missing children, every missing child is one too many. That’s why we not only provide countries with AMBER Alert platforms; we also allow our staff to invest their time and resources actively in the foundation. Because when it comes to missing children, more help is always better. Stronger together!

Striving for

AMBER Alert Europe is a foundation that assists in saving missing children at risk by connecting law enforcement with other police experts and with the public across Europe. One missing child is one too many that’s why they aim for zero missing children in Europe.

Entire countries trust Netpresenter with the lives of their children. It is our duty and privilege to keep living up to these standards. This is why we keep innovating, every single day”

Frank Hoen at European Parlement
Frank Hoen CEO of Netpresenter and Founder of AMBER Alert Europe

An Award winning

In 2009, Netpresenter won the IBC Special Award for its innovative AMBER Alert system, which was developed free of charge as a charity project. According to the jury, our platform fulfilled a real and vital need, a practical and rapid response to one of the most frightening and emotionally charged events imaginable: a missing child.

Important news

As of July 23rd, 2021, Netpresenter B.V. transferred all activities and ownership rights regarding the Dutch AMBER Alert to the AMBER Alert Europe Foundation, free of charge