Why Netpresenter

Netpresenter is a strategic business tool that actually helps you to achieve your corporate goals. Our platform enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and to be more successful. Discover below what makes Netpresenter unique.

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Netpresenter is not just a piece of software; it’s more than that! Our platform is a strategic tool and has everything you need to communicate with your entire workforce, regardless of what they are doing or where they are. Align your employee communication channels and manage all the content from one integrated solution. Select your preferred communication channels from a wide array of tools, target the right audience, and even determine how much attention you want to grab to really amplify your internal comms.

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Publish content

Netpresenter enables you to truly reach every employee of your organization, including those hard-to-reach remote workers, non-desk employees, and even external audiences. We accomplish that by literally leveraging every screen within your organization. We connect digital signage screens, workstations, and smartphones in a fully integrated solution and use their individual and combined strength to easily reach everyone.

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Train employees

To make sure messages are not just delivered but also read and remembered, our platform heavily utilizes the strength of gentle repetition. Repetitively sharing small chunks of information on different devices and screens is hugely effective and unlocks the power of continuous learning. It also does not only extend the reach of every corporate message; it maximizes the impact as well. Gentle repetition is essential to improve the ‘learning curve’ and the ultimate weapon against the ‘forgetting curve’.

A platform for the
entire organization

Our platform can be used up to the boardroom level by every stakeholder. Discover the benefits and what Netpresenter can offer each role:

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Communication Learn more
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IT Learn more
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Management Learn more
Human Resources
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Human Resources Learn more

“Netpresenter is definitely a strategic product, because it gives us at IT a tool to communicate effectively with our users. That is making a huge difference for us.”

Jim Murry Chief Information Officer at Catholic Health

Why Netpresenter?
Because it’s proven

The numbers speak for themselves. The effectiveness and added value of Netpresenter is proven daily on millions of corporate PCs, digital signage screens, and mobile devices. Read our customer stories for more proof and to discover the Netpresenter effect.

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83% Better
informed employees
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92% Improved
overall communication
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77% More
engaged employees

10 additional reasons to
choose Netpresenter

maximum productivity

Strategic business tool

It's a strategic business tool for the enterprise and every stakeholder in the boardroom.

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Impactful communication

Strong visual 'in-your-face' communication to get your messages across to everyone.


Strengthens existing tools

Netpresenter strengthens existing tools and systems such as SharePoint, Teams, and Power BI.


Empowering employees

Targeted employee communications empower employees to accomplish more.


More value

Get more value with a multi-channel platform to solve various communication challenges.


Get attention

Our highly effective communication tools easily get the attention of your employees.

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Data-driven approach

A data-driven and evidence-based approach to achieving your business goals.

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Real-time pulse

Get a real-time pulse on how your organization is doing and how employees feel.

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Robust solution

A very robust communication platform that is built for all company types and sizes.


High ROI

Netpresenter has a great Return On Investment and a major positive impact on your organization.

We love our customers,
our customers love us

Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2. Read our reviews and find out why customers love us.

“This product has greatly improved our communication within our company”


“Netpresenter provides a robust and cost-effective solution to reach a large group of employees”

Deborah O’Driscoll

“With Netpresenter, we can quickly alert employees about any hazardous situation increasing safety for all”

Joeri De Smet
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Include everyone
in your organization

Our platform gives employee engagement a significant boost and allows you to keep your workforce up-to-date and connected–with your company news, and with each other. Our various communication channels enable you to reach your dispersed workforce, keeping everyone informed and involved, wherever they are. Social interaction through comments and likes starts conversations and keeps colleagues united.

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costly distractions

Our tools are powerful yet humble. While they are optimized to reach everyone, they were also designed to minimize distractions. Digital signage screens in communal areas, tools to transform inactive screens into effective communication channels, and an app for mobile devices all provide employees with the latest company news and personalized information when they are receptive. Netpresenter is the ultimate replacement for costly, time-consuming memos and email-to-all.

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Grab attention

When push comes to shove and you do need to reach everyone immediately, everything you then need is already in place. Netpresenter provides you also with a proven alerting solution to reach everyone quickly in case of an emergency or unexpected event. A push of a button is enough to reach all of your employees with impossible-to-ignore alerts and notifications. Whether it’s an urgent management update, severe weather rolling in, or a cyber-attack hitting your systems: everyone knows immediately and knows what to do.

Customer Story

Employee satisfaction up 33 percent thanks to ‘on screen’ communication

The George Washington University Hospital (GWUH) is using Netpresenter since 2007 to communicate with its staff, physicians, visitors, and patients. The latest hospital and healthcare news is broadcasted on 2,000 workstations, as well as on large screens in public areas. Just three months after the initial rollout phase, an internal survey showed employee satisfaction with hospital communication improved by 33 percent.

Some of our amazing customers