Industrial employees often work in hazardous environments, dispersed across factories or locations. Netpresenter keeps your staff safe and aligned by providing seamless, continuous access to vital information and resources across any device.

Industrial Notice

Keeping industrial workers well-informed is vital; their work often requires operating heavy machinery in hazardous environments. Safety should be top of mind, and staff should feel like an important part of the organization to keep production and engagement levels high. But how do you open direct lines to key information without distracting your frontline from their possibly dangerous tasks?

Communication that
constructs connection

Stay connected to all employees with the Netpresenter platform and deploy a multichannel approach to reach your staff through TV, PC, and mobile phone. Unite dispersed industrial workforces and arm every employee with the resources and information they need to succeed in their job and, most importantly: to stay safe. No company emails are needed to align the entire workforce from one content management system with just one click.


Finally reach everyone

Inform industrial staff immediately and reach everybody, desk or non-desk employees, at the same time without the reliance of PCs or email


Promote workplace safety

Display safety campaigns to remind your frontline guidelines, highlight incident-free days, and provide key information to keep safety top of mind.


Enable two-way communication

Open up two-way communication and keep your entire organization engaged and in sync: your frontline, office workers, and management.


Give non-desk staff a voice

Give your staff a voice by enabling social interaction and allowing and conducting regular rounds of feedback through polls, surveys, and pulse surveys.

“Safety is paramount in all our business activities. We want to prevent any incident. Therefore, we continuously repeat safety messages with Netpresenter”

Jasmijn Stolk Manager Marketing & Communication at Hertel Netherlands

One platform
to reach everyone

Netpresenter incorporates many different channels, enabling you to reach every employee within the organization. From office employees to non-desk employees on the factory floor and even delivery drivers, mechanics, and representatives on the road. With communications tools for laptops and desktops, TV screens, and smartphones, you reach anyoneanywhere.

Easy information access
for your frontline

Let’s face it: many non-desk employees don’t have the same access to information and resources desk workers have. With Netpresenter, they do! Netpresenter provides access to information across any device. Integrate the tools you already use to provide full access to every source of information in your organization with our integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, or Teams.


Proven communication
for industry

Netpresenter is successfully being used by many industrial organizations around the world. Some of the industry organizations we love working with:

Hertel logo

Hertel reaches employees anytime and anywhere

Almost 700 employees of the industrial service provider are reached day and night through Netpresenter’s unique mix of communication channels. Netpresenter is vital
for Hertel’s internal communication strategy.

Engage and motivate
your non-desk staff

Reaching your non-desk workforce can be hard when they don’t have easy access to your comms channels. The result? A large portion of your staff doesn’t feel like an important part of your organization. Make your non-desk, field, and frontline workers feel included with a mobile-first approach and multiple channels to ensure your messages get to them wherever they are.

Build and promote
a culture of safety

Access to valuable info that keeps your staff safe is a key factor of workplace safety. With a multichannel platform, it’s easier to build and promote a culture of safety by providing always-on access to safety tips and regulations. Publish and repeat safety messages to reach your frontline with urgent messages, notifications, safety protocols, contacts, FAQs, and other information to keep your staff safe.

We love our customers,
our customers love us

Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2. Read our reviews and find out why customers love us.

“Great narrowcasting tool to reach everyone within your company”

Coen Mulder

“Netpresenter helps engage all employees working at home to stay connected with the company”

Jack Vogelaar

“Strong Tool to Communicate with Dispersed Audience”

Deborah O’Driscoll

Success Story

A strengthened family feel for all employees with Netpresenter

To further strengthen the family feel of Barenbrug’s family business and keep the community alive within the organization, Barenbrug uses Netpresenter’s News App for smartphones and Netpresenter’s digital signage solution on screens in canteens and public areas.

Additional benefits for
industrial organizations


Target specific staff

Target specific locations, departments, teams, or even individual employees to ensure information is always relevant.


Boost operational efficiency

Easily create, target, and publish operational info such as shift schedules and guidelines to increase efficiency and avoid delays and mistakes.


Emergency pop-up alerts

Use alert messages to improve emergency communication. The alert message pops up on targeted screens in crisis situations.


Measure comms performance

Measure your messages' performance with our built-in statistics to see what resonates with your frontline staff and improve your comms strategy.


Show third-party content

Show third-party content such as industry news to keep staff up to date on the latest knowledge and news within their industry.


Use your own branding

Use your own logo, color palette, and fonts to provide a familiar experience and bring a key part of your organization to your frontline.

What our
customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our valued customers say about Netpresenter. Read their testimonials and success stories below and find out how we help them daily to achieve their goals.

Mirella van de Sant Global Marketing Director at Barenbrug
"We want to reach all our colleagues, not just the people sitting behind a desk. Netpresenter’s app solved that problem for us; we can reach our non-desk workers now."
Gil Broyles Corporate Communications Manager at OGE Energy Corp.
"With Netpresenter’s screensaver, employees see messages repeatedly, so our internal news is seen and remembered better."
Helen Biermans Communications Officer at USG Industrial Utilities
"Netpresenter forces you to be clear and concise and to write messages that can be read in a short amount of time. The format is very good."