Employees often resist change intrinsically. With the right internal communication strategy and tools, you will overcome this resistance and speed up the organizational change.

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Resistance is an inherent part of any change. It is an indirect response to an underlying concern caused by uncertainty, stress, and a loss of control. While perfectly normal, resistance also poses a threat to organizational change. The lack of commitment of employees is what causes so many change projects to fail. How can you overcome this resistance and raise your employees’ commitment to change?

Let communication lead
your organizational change

Internal communication is a crucial part of organizational change. A lack of communication and information might result in a lack of understanding of the individual and organizational impact of the change, decreasing employees’ likeliness to cooperate.

Align employees

Aligning all employees

Provide employees with all the information they need to understand the change.

cascading sponsorship

Provide a central source

Instead of relying on individuals to pass on the message, provide info from a central source.

change readiness

Increase change readiness

Tailored communication increases understanding and improves change readiness.

change progress

Decrease noise and resistance

Less noise and resistance accelerates your change.

One platform,
multitude of outputs

Manage all content in the same system and choose your own mix of outputs. Digital signage, screensavers, smartphone apps, Microsoft Teams channels; you name it, we’ve got it.

Target your content
for that personal touch

Personalize your messages based on department, function, or location to keep information relevant and interesting.

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Keep everyone on
the same page

Do you need to share essential information? Use push notifications to make sure no one misses your message, or use automated attention boosters to verify that people have received important information.

Spark conversation
and forge connections

Employees can interact with your change agent and with each other via the Mobile App and Microsoft Teams. Questions and uncertainties can be clarified immediately, keeping everyone informed and on board during change.

Use hardware
you already own 

We’re here to make your organizational change easier for you, not harder. That’s why you can roll out Netpresenter on your existing devices, like digital signage screens, Windows devices, and mobile phones. No new hardware required!

Customer Story

United States Government Publishing Office moves beyond print

United States Government Printing Office (GPO) has dramatically changed its internal communication. The organization now uses video displays and existing PC screens to keep both its white-collar and blue-collar employees better informed. Recent internal research shows most of the 2,400 GPO employees agree that the new system helped make communication at GPO more effective.

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our organizational change solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is organizational change?

Change occurs when an organization wants to change, or changes, a major element of the organization, such as technology, infrastructure, processes, or products.

Why is organizational change important?

Change can create new opportunities, increase revenue and allow employees to learn new skills that will benefit the organization through ideas and commitment.