Your people are the center of your culture. Put them at the heart of your organization and help them excel with a solution that empowers them, enables them to share and learn, strengthens culture and values, and connects your entire staff.

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In today’s employment landscape attracting, retaining, and nurturing talent is only possible in a culture that puts people first. Changing workplace culture requires a clear comms strategy that dictates how to communicate your values to your workforce and aligns employees with your values. Is your strategy one that fosters a transparent environment of comradery and commitment?


Fuel culture: 
put people first

Improving organizational culture starts with your people. Equip your workforce to hold more effective, powerful conversations. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition, two-way communication, upward feedback, and leadership involvement to create a culture of positivity where staff feels valued and appreciated.

employee story

Communicate company character

Broadcast stories and achievements that accentuate your organization's culture and spark participation. Let your workforce lead the way!

Leadership involvement

Involve your leaders

Let your leaders promote your company values, involve them in the company conversation, and help them open doors for everyone to speak up.

Happy employees

Cultivate a positive culture

Cultivate a positive workplace culture by sharing your well-defined business strategy and aligning employees with your company goals.

Praise and recognition

Recognize and praise

Show genuine recognition for your employees' output, talents, and contributions. Whether formal or informal, a simple 'thank you' goes a long way.

Encourage feedback
and employee voice

The healthiest organizational cultures are those in which employees feel free to speak their mind, voice concerns, express their needs, and ask questions. Netpresenter opens up the line to two-way communications and upward feedback and enables people to join the conversation around key topics.

Drive collaboration and strong relationships

As jobs and departments highly depend on each other, establishing easy collaboration and communication within and across teams and departments is key. Our omnichannel platform includes all your employees and enables discussions among devices and across your organization.

Understanding and Shaping Organizational Culture – Internal Communication’s Key Role

Shaping your desired organizational culture is an ongoing process that requires constant effort, and internal communication will play a key role in every part of the process.

Show appreciation
on every device

Don’t let valuable contributions go unnoticed. Did a single employee make an achievement? Broadcast it. Has the sales team reached its targets? Broadcast it. Show your appreciation in public across multiple channels to create a positive workplace culture and inspire people to go above and beyond. 

Build a culture of 

Netpresenter enables higher levels of transparency by integrating with existing applications such as Power BI for easy data-sharing. Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate easy access to all available resources for every employee, wherever they are. 

Customer Story

Netpresenter’s immediate feel-good effect on the Brooklyn Hospital Center

‘Since its implementation, Netpresenter has had a huge effect on improving employee satisfaction and morale, and on building a sense of community … No other tool I know of has this immediate ‘Boom, make them feel good’ effect.’