Achieving company goals starts with effective employee communication. It’s all about strategically distributing relevant and timely information across (specific groups of) employees in ways that match their needs. 

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Information is the oil of an organization. When all employees are well-informed, the organization operates fluently. Organizational hick-ups occur as soon as information isn’t spread and consumed as it should be. Nowadays, traditional communication channels, a diverse workforce, information overload, and a lack of a communication strategy cause significant challenges. How does your organization manage employee communication?

Inform everyone effectively

Nowadays, employee communication professionals face plenty of challenges. Giving information the attention it deserves is no longer possible through traditional channels such as e-mails and the intranet. This seriously harms information visibility. A diverse workforce of desk, non-desk, and remote employees facing constant information overload makes employees harder to reach than ever. A strong communication strategy, combined with visual communication software is key here.


Boost communication visibility

Enable employee communication to be visual, active, and adaptable, ensuring information gets the attention it deserves.

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Inform a diverse workforce

Use direct, multi-channel communication for diverse workforces, ensuring everyone gets informed.


Battle information overload

Have a fighting chance against information overload with prioritized, targeted, and non-disturbing communication.

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Strategize employee communication

Combine the Netpresenter Communication Principle with our platform for strategic, versatile, and effective communication.

Strategize Employee Communication

Strategic employee communication is critical to organizational success. The Netpresenter Communication Principle offers guidance here. This framework focuses on categorizing communication into four quadrants and acting accordingly. It embraces the concept of versatile communication, spanning from fun to serious. Each quadrant requires its own communication approach, which makes selecting the most effective strategy easy.

Boost employee communication visibility

Shifting away from traditional methods like lengthy newsletters is essential to enhance communication visibility. Netpresenter enables you to activate communication in several ways. First, by leveraging all screens in your organization, you can make your communication more visual. You can also switch from pull to push communication, so you are able to deliver information actively to employees rather than depending on them to go to it themselves. Additionally, you can measure and adapt, assessing the effectiveness of various strategies to optimize visibility eventually.

Guide: Find the Right Communication Tools to Reach Your Employees

An omnichannel communication platform combines different channels and outputs, enabling you to reach everyone with your communication strategy. But which channels are essential to reach your employees effectively?

Inform a diverse workforce

A diverse workforce of desk, non-desk, and remote employees makes keeping everyone informed more challenging than ever. It’s not impossible, though. Netpresenter lets you create a direct communication line with every employee. How? Through omnichannel communication. By communicating via PCs, TV screens, and an employee app, every employee can be effectively informed.

Battle information overload

In today’s digital age, employees are bombarded with information. Netpresenter gives you a fighting chance to battle this information overload and ensure effective communication. By applying our framework, you can provide each type of information the attention it needs. Targeting is another way to tackle information overload by ensuring only relevant information is sent to specific target audiences. Additionally, you can visually display communication in a non-disruptive manner unless it’s necessary to disturb employees in cases of emergencies or crises.

Customer Story

1,500 Screensavers on PCs and messaging on TVs to inform staff. 

Sky Lakes Medical Center, the only hospital in a 10,000-square-mile area, was looking for a way to reach all employees with real-time communications. The solution? Netpresenter corporate screensavers and Netpresenter digital signage as the primary interface for their frontline staff.

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our employee engagement solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is employee communication?

It consists of distributing information across (specific groups of) employees by communication professionals. Its main goal is to help the organization reach its goals through relevant, timely and effective communication. 

What is an example of employee communication?

Content such as company updates, policy changes, team achievements, individual feedback, strategic goals, operational instructions, training materials, and employee recognition, among others.

What are employee communication strategies?

These are plans for how, when, and what information is shared with employees, aiming to enhance engagement and align them with organizational goals.

How to improve employee communication?

Start by defining clear objectives that align with your organization’s goals, ensuring your messaging resonates with various employee segments. Optimize your communication strategy by leveraging diverse channels suited to your workforce’s preferences, such as digital signage, dedicated employee apps, and corporate screensavers, to disseminate information effectively. Carefully craft your content, focusing on clarity, relevance, and engagement, and prioritize establishing robust feedback mechanisms that promote a two-way dialogue, allowing employees to share their insights and feedback, thus fostering a more inclusive and communicative workplace environment.

Why employee communication is important?

It increases transparency within the organization, creating a foundation of trust that contributes to a positive and collaborative work environment. Effective communication ensures that employees are well-informed about company goals, changes, and expectations, which, in turn, boosts their motivation and engagement. This open exchange of information not only aligns individual efforts with the organization’s objectives but also empowers employees to contribute meaningfully, enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.