Non-desk employees are often disconnected from the organization. Due to the nature of their work, they have limited access to traditional communication channels. Adapt your internal communication to reconnect your workforce.

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80% of the working population consists of non-desk employees. Yet, organizations struggle to keep them informed and connected. Those employees might be on the road, in a classroom, or at the assembly line, making them hard to reach through email and intranet. Is your organization able to reach the entire workforce?

Reconnect your
non-desk employees

Non-desk employees require a fast and targeted way of communication that is available regardless of time and location. They also should be able to react and interact.

Reach all employees

Reaching all employees

Non-desk workers have limited access to pcs, so email and intranet are not sufficient.

Target content

Targeting the right audience

Delivery drivers, cleaners, factory workers; all require a different approach, even within one organization.


Enabling interaction

Remote employees have little means to interact outside their closest circle, disconnecting them from the rest of the organization.

local content

Keeping it local

Non-desk employees are often less involved in the company mission and more in the local community.

Use one platform
to reach everyone

Our omnichannel platform enables you to use multiple outputs that suit your organization. Whether you want to use digital signage in the break room, a company app for remote workers, or screensavers for your office employees, Netpresenter enables you to reach your entire workforce with just one platform.

Spark the conversation
between employees

Working at different locations or in different shifts can create silos. Our News & Safety App and Microsoft Teams integration enables every employee to feel heard and interact with colleagues they would not speak otherwise.

How to communicate effectively with non-desk employees

Looking for a way to improve your communication with non-desk employees right away? You might need to think outside the box. In this guide, we describe how to communicate effectively with your entire workforce.

Keep your
content relevant

Non-desk employees often work at different locations or at different times. Keep the information you provide relevant. Target by department, site, or even use geolocation to send your messages only to whom it concerns.

Customer Story

Hertel reaches employees anytime and anywhere

By bringing news to employees through various communication channels, you increase the chance everyone gets to see the information. Messages that are published using Netpresenter, immediately appear on company computers as screensavers, on all large TV screens and on mobile devices in our Hertel app.