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Unlock the power of repetitive, evidence-based training with our revolutionary Smart Campaigns. This feature incorporates strategic, impactful training into the core of the organization. It ensures effortless knowledge retention through continuous, AI-powered training that doesn’t interrupt employees’ workflows.

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To ensure smooth and safe operations, it’s crucial for organizations to provide effective training in areas such as compliance, cybersecurity, and employee safety. Despite investing significant time and money in extensive e-learning modules and costly annual training sessions to equip employees with the necessary knowledge, the outcomes often don’t meet expectations. It’s time for a radical change in employee training through unique, AI-powered training. Meet Smart Campaigns!

Train employees differently

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns is a strategic feature designed for evidence-based and repetitive training that educates employees without disruption. It helps create content and distributes information across various screens and devices to maximize awareness. With AI-powered testing and automated content scaling, this feature facilitates the achievement of pre-set knowledge goals. In short, users only need to provide their specific input, and the Smart Campaigns feature will automatically do all the work.


Create content easily

Effortlessly rewrite knowledge modules, generate quiz questions, and create slides using AI technology to easily produce effective content.

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Realize maximum awareness

Use repetitive, omnichannel training to distribute bite-sized information across all screens, ensuring maximum awareness of essential information.

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Test without disruption

Automate knowledge assessment using AI-powered, gamified sample testing. This approach minimizes interruptions to employees' workflows.

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Train fully automatically

Based on knowledge assessment results, AI automatically scales training intensity up or down until knowledge goals are achieved.

Use AI to create smart campaigns

Say goodbye to lengthy e-learning modules and expensive yearly trainings. Netpresenter Smart Campaigns streamline employee training with AI. Simply provide the AI with information and direct it to rewrite knowledge modules, create slides, and formulate quiz questions for assessing knowledge. Through targeted training, information is repeatedly and continuously delivered to specific audiences until objectives are met.

Raise awareness with repetitive training

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns continuously train the entire organization, including desk, non-desk, and remote employees. This feature automatically distributes bite-sized pieces of information across TVs, PCs, and mobile phones when employees are not actively at work. Its omnichannel, repetitive approach ensures that either everyone or specific target groups become aware of essential information without interrupting their daily workflows.

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Test without disturbing the entire organization

Smart Campaigns leverage gamification with engaging quiz questions to assess knowledge levels. By employing automated sample testing, this feature evaluates select employee groups for their information retention and understanding. This method avoids disruptions across the entire organization, enabling result-based training.

Improve with evidence-based training

Smart Campaigns allow users to input information and then set it aside until knowledge goals are achieved. This feature automatically trains employees through repetitive messaging, based on assessed knowledge levels. With adaptive content delivery, Smart Campaigns adjust the intensity of training up or down as needed to meet knowledge goals. Comprehensive dashboards provide C-level executives with real-time insights into the current status.

Smart Campaigns
in a nutshell


AI content creation

Leverages AI technology to easily rewrite knowledge modules, generate quiz questions, and create slides.


Omnichannel training

Utilizes TV, PC, and mobile screens to raise maximum awareness in a non-disruptive and impactful manner.


Targeted training

Allows segmentation by department or location to ensure Smart Campaigns only train relevant audiences.


Gamified sample testing

Evaluates knowledge levels with gamified sample testing through quizzes, minimally interrupting daily workflows.


Adaptive content delivery

Automatically scales content delivery based on results, increasing or decreasing training intensity as needed until knowledge goals are met.

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Real-time dashboards

Allows C-level executives to receive real-time insights into crucial knowledge levels through extensive statistics.

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How to Improve Compliance Awareness With Netpresenter Smart Campaigns

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns make improving compliance awareness easy. Just create the campaign with the help of AI, and all the training and testing until knowledge goals are reached is fully automated. Easy, efficient and effective!

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Smart Campaigns, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What are Netpresenter Smart Campaigns?

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns offer interactive employee training powered by AI technology. This feature simplifies the creation of content, including knowledge modules, slides and quiz questions. AI also facilitates gamified sample testing for selected employee groups. Depending on the results, Smart Campaigns automatically adjust the intensity to meet knowledge targets. Insightful dashboards allow decision-makers to determine if campaign adjustments are necessary.

Why is repetition effective for employee training?

Repetition is an effective strategy for employee training, as it helps in reinforcing learning and improving retention. Recent studies show that repeated exposure to training materials enhances focus, motivation, and retention of information. By consistently presenting key concepts and skills, employees can more effectively absorb and internalize training content. This method works because it engages the brain’s natural learning processes, making it easier for employees to adapt to new skills and behaviors. Repetition reduces the cognitive load required for learning new information, thereby facilitating quicker and more durable learning outcomes.

Can you train specific groups of employees?

Yes, Netpresenter Smart Campaigns allow for targeting specific groups of employees, such as different departments or locations. By utilizing targeting, tailored campaign content can be delivered to each selected audience, ensuring it is relevant and aligns with the organization’s goals, whether employees are in-office or remote.

How are knowledge levels assessed?

Knowledge levels are evaluated by distributing quiz questions to small samples of employees, providing a gamified method of assessment. This approach offers a clear view of internal knowledge levels without disrupting the entire organization. The quizzes feature multiple-choice questions with a wide range of answer options. If a wrong answer is chosen, the correct one is displayed with an explanation to enhance understanding. Answers can also be shuffled, ensuring that employees demonstrate genuine comprehension of the information.

Why is repetitive learning so important?

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve reveals that our ability to retain knowledge diminishes over time, explaining why annual trainings fall short. We can forget up to ninety percent of new information within thirty days. Yet, when new information is repeatedly presented, our brains retain it more effectively. Repetitive learning keeps information fresh and accessible, significantly improving knowledge retention and understanding. This method challenges the natural decline of memory, ensuring that information is not only remembered but internalized.

Is using AI mandatory with Netpresenter Smart Campaigns?

Yes and no. AI serves as a helpful tool, but its use is optional for content creation. You have the freedom to create all content manually if you prefer. However, testing is conducted through the built-in AI, which cannot be disabled. If you prefer not to utilize AI for knowledge testing, you can opt for a Basic Campaign. These campaigns are specifically designed to focus on increasing awareness without the need for (AI-driven) testing.