Drive efficiency for all departments. With Netpresenter, you provide your organization with a secure and user-friendly communications platform that allows your IC team to distribute information independently, efficiently, and risk-free.

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Netpresenter doesn’t add to digital workplace complexity – we help streamline your digital landscape. Our employee communications platform reaches all employees instantly and directly. Allow your communications department to deploy multiple channels, while you manage, maintain, and support only one application. Are you ready to empower your IC team to do their best work?

Netpresenter solves
your IT challenges

Enable your communication team to publish content without IT interference. Our communication solution offers the best of both worlds, equipping IC teams with a robust and user-friendly platform that doesn’t require heavy IT support to launch and maintain. Our software uses your fonts, colors, and logos to create a familiar environment. The icing on the cake? We integrate with existing tools like Power BI and SharePoint to create the ultimate information hub.

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Reduce digital workplace complexity

Instead of multiple apps requiring maintenance, we offer one platform that reaches all employees and seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

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Deploy easily across the enterprise

Netpresenter is simple to deploy across your entire organization and scalable to support all your departments and devices, using only one CMS.

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Effectively share IT communication

Bring IT-related messages, such as downtime alerts and scheduled maintenance notices, effectively and directly to every employee - without needing email.

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Improve cybersecurity awareness

Our platform allows you to build a 'human firewall' of vigilant employees to improve cybersecurity awareness and help prevent cyberattacks.

“The technical support, application intuitiveness, and additional functionality have solidified Netpresenter as an enterprise communications staple in our environment”

VCU Health Harold E Harris
Harold E. Harris Information Technology Executive at VCU Health

Integrate with your
existing tech stack

Integrate your existing tools with Netpresenter and allow your colleagues to access vital business information from one employee communications platform. We offer many ways to synchronize, connect, and display content from the tools your staff already loves, including Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, to expand their reach and centralize information.

The safest way
to reach everyone

Security is our top priority. The Netpresenter cloud platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which meets ISO27001 and SSAE16 standards to ensure data security. We also take various measures to minimize the chance of a data breach. On top of that, our platform can be used to increase cybersecurity awareness: show our cybersecurity templates on a loop to create a human firewall of vigilant staff. 

Easy to set up,
easy to use

Instead of manually replacing information posters or digital presentations, Netpresenter allows content creators to publish information onto all devices in your organization, wherever they are, from one CMS without ever leaving their desks. Messages can be updated within moments and tailored to specific audiences, devices, and locations, ensuring information is always current and relevant.

During downtimes,
we stay up

Wondering how to reach employees during system downtimes? Use Netpresenter! It allows you to send out alerts with instructions for your colleagues to help staff understand what’s happening – without using email. Instantly reach the entire organization in case of downtime, outages, or cyber threats, and notify staff about any planned maintenance to tell them what’s going on with their systems at any time.

We’re a leader in
Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

“Works great to attractively bring intranet news to employees at home with ease”

Jack Vogelaar

“Netpresenter; robust, low-cost, and customizable”

Philip Horney

“Netpresenter ticks all the boxes!”

Ron Kerver

Customer Story

A vital tool in Sky Lakes’ communication pathway

Sky Lakes Medical center directs communication with Netpresenter on all computers and several TV screens as the primary interface for their frontline staff. Netpresenter allows them to have direct critical communication with colleagues by enabling them to send out alerts whenever there’s any system downtime.

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about Netpresenter, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

How will Netpresenter be rolled out to different devices?

For PCs and TVs, we will provide you with a .msi package. You can deploy this file within your organization using various deployment methods, including Group Policy Object (GPO). Employees can install our mobile app for free. The app is available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. If necessary, the app can also be deployed via MDM (Mobile Device Management) applications. 

How secure is Netpresenter?

We take various measures to ensure data security and a guaranteed 99% uptime. Netpresenter servers are located on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure facilities are compliant with ISO 27001 as well as SSAE-16 certification. All system communication over public networks is encrypted using HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). We disabled SSLv3 on all systems to prevent security breaches. Communication with the app is additionally encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Download our Security Overview for a complete overview of our infrastructure and system security. 

What are the system requirements for Netpresenter?

Netpresenter is compatible with all major devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Additionally, you can find our Server System Requirements here and our Player System Requirements here

Can Netpresenter integrate with other applications we already use?

Definitely! You can integrate your existing tools with Netpresenter and allow your colleagues to access vital business information from one employee communications platform. We offer many ways to synchronize, connect, and display content from the tools your staff already loves, including Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, to expand their reach and centralize information. These integrations require a one-time setup. After that, everything works automatically.

How long does it take to roll out Netpresenter in my organization?

This depends partly on your organization’s specific wishes: which features, tools and integrations would you like to use, and in which environment would you like Netpresenter to run? However, typically, we can get you up and running in 1 to 3 days, and you can start publishing content on your employee communication platform immediately after that!

Can we manage the platform or will we constantly need Netpresenter IT Support?

Of course, our IT support team is your IT support team! However, you can manage the platform yourselves. We have a ton of documentation for administrators in our support center. Our IT support team also provides customers with extensive admin training, so you understand and know everything about your new platform before you first start using it and can keep using it without any issues.

Does Netpresenter software require a client? How does this client work?

Yes, it requires the ‘Netpresenter Player.’ The Player will receive its contents from the Netpresenter Message Server in a channel file format. It will then display the messages as created in the Netpresenter Message Server on the targeted devices or screens, in the order that the content creator has determined within the Message Server. You can find client system requirements here.

How can we target certain (whether or not predefined) audience groups with Netpresenter?

Netpresenter allows you to distribute information and communication through multiple channels, all from one Content Management System. You can easily publish messages across laptops, desktops, digital signage screens, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These channels provide multiple outputs for your messages, ensuring your employees will always get important information. Additionally, it means your employees can consume information from their preferred channel – which will add to the employee experience and make your employees love your internal communication. 

Can we host Netpresenter in the cloud and on-premise? What is the uptime guarantee when we host in the cloud?

Yes, the Netpresenter software can be hosted in the cloud and on-premise. In the cloud, you can choose either a shared cloud or a dedicated cloud solution. The uptime guarantee for the Netpresenter cloud platform is 99 percent.

What is the server load for the Netpresenter plaform?

The load for on-premises servers highly depends on the total number of connected Netpresenter Players and their update interval. From 5000 Players or more, we recommend contacting the Netpresenter support team for a possible load-balancing solution. The Netpresenter Players also have their own intelligent cache, limiting network traffic to an absolute minimum.

What can we expect from the Netpresenter Support Team?

Our Support Team is your support team! The Netpresenter support team can be reached at 046-4370836 or via email: Your questions are automatically logged in support tickets. One of our support agents will handle your ticket as soon as possible. We typically provide support remotely, but on-site appointments are also negotiable. Our agents are also available for (technical) training sessions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support team. They are always happy to help you as soon as possible to make sure your experience with Netpresenter is optimal.

How do I predefine target audience groups when I wish to target specific audiences?

We offer multiple possibilities to identify your organization’s target audience groups. The most common and important methods are IP addresses, computer name, user name, unique Player and Active directory groups, attributes, and OUs (either in Azure AD or locally).