Internal communication is the glue that keeps your organization together. Increase its impact with Netpresenter. Reach and inform all employees and visitors effortlessly, in real-time. Boost engagement and productivity levels and measure your success.

Communication person

Communication teams are taking on a more important and strategic role. With Netpresenter, you keep the organization informed and productive, translate policy to staff, and increase motivation and engagement. Inform decision-makers by measuring sentiment across devices, channels, and employee segments and help shape strategy. Are you ready to be the strategic player?

Netpresenter solves your communication challenges

Make internal communication easy with our industry-leading employee communications platform that streamlines the entire process, from publishing to measurement. Get vital (safety) messages to everyone on time, keep staff engaged, increase intranet traffic and give a real-time view of the outcomes of your communication efforts – without IT interference.


Reach everyone, wherever they are

Our multichannel platform enables you to reach all employees – no exceptions! Turn every device in your organization into a communication channel.

information distribution

Easily publish your messages

Save time and resources. Our CMS provides an easy way of creating and publishing content; it only takes one person to spread information effectively.

direct connection

Bring information directly to staff

No more searching for information. Our platform delivers news directly to your staff's devices - without interrupting them from their tasks.


Keep your content current

Keep your entire workforce up to date with digital communication that reaches staff as soon as it's published. News will always be fresh off the press.

“Netpresenter enables us to offer our news to everyone, in real-time and in multimedia format. That way, we can optimally reach every target group.”

Jasmijn Stolk Manager Marketing & Communication at Hertel Netherlands

Finally reach
your frontline

Workers on the frontline are often disconnected from org-wide comms channels such as corporate email or the intranet. Netpresenter reaches everyone, including your frontline staff, with targeted content on mobile devices, digital signage, and (shared) laptops or desktops. A mobile-first approach ensures news is always and at all times easily accessible to your frontline.

Boost your
intranet traffic

Bring your intranet messages to your employees’ attention with our SharePoint integration. Intranet news and headlines are automatically extracted from SharePoint and published on Netpresenter. A link to the full article or item will make finding the right information even more effortless. Double the impact, zero extra effort for content creators and end-users. 

Measure and
proof your impact

Get the numbers you need with our user-friendly statistics dashboard. Netpresenter provides a clear overview of the insights that help you measure and maximize impact. Engagement and reader ratios, interaction statistics, and individual statistics are all available to help you give stakeholders a real-time view of the outcomes and show your impact. 

We’re a leader in
Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

“Very useful software to communicate with a bigger group of employees”

Steve Van Avermaet

“Strong Tool to Communicate with Dispersed Audience”

Deborah O’Driscoll

“A great way to communicate with the entire organization quickly and effectively”

Marjo Goffin

Customer Story

How Automatic Signal keeps its dispersed workforce engaged

Our customer Automatic Signal has a geographically dispersed workforce: employees work at customer’s sites, at the office, or from home. That’s why they searched for a method to make all employees feel like an important part of the company, wherever they are. With Netpresenter digital signage, screensavers, and a mobile app, Automatic Signal can now involve and engage all employees and reach them immediately with important news.

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about Netpresenter, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

Will I or my team need extensive training to use the platform?

No, using Netpresenter doesn’t require hours and hours of training. To get you started, one of our consultants will schedule a one-hour call with you and explain everything you need to know to create, schedule, target, and publish content. Additionally, as our customers say: Netpresenter is ‘intuitive to use.’ One of our other customers even says they ‘trained a group of internal publishers to use it in less than 30 minutes’!

Do I need a lot of help from my IT department to use Netpresenter?

Nope! Your IT team will have to be involved in rolling out Netpresenter when your organization first starts using it. Other than that, you will be able to use Netpresenter as a content creator without any help from your IT department. One of our colleagues from IT support will teach you how to use the platform. After that, the platform and the CMS are self-explanatory. We designed our platform to be user-friendly, as we want to provide a CMS that communication teams can use independently without needing (heavy) IT support every time they wish to spread information or publish a message.

I'm worried I won't have enough content to share on Netpresenter. Do we need a lot of content?

We have had customers worry about this before. However, they say it is actually a lot easier to create content for Netpresenter than it was, for example, to fill up their monthly newsletter. Netpresenter allows you to create content and schedule it for months ahead, so you don’t have to worry about creating messages at the last minute – but it also allows you to publish content in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about spreading old news.

We also offer free content such as cybersecurity or workplace wellness template packs, and we’re always happy to help you think about ideas for content that draws attention. Additionally, we offer various integrations that will automatically extract content from your existing tools such as SharePoint, Power BI, or your social media pages. The platform also automatically extracts content from third-party sources, so you can show industry news, weather forecasts, traffic information, or subway schedules.

Will using Netpresenter mean a lot of extra work for my IC-team?

In many cases, Netpresenter results in less work and more productive IC teams! Creating and publishing content is easy and can be done by a single person. Content can be scheduled, so we recommend you block time in your calendar regularly to create content for several of the coming weeks or months. Additionally, there’s no need to replace USB sticks or paper posters, for example, nor must you practice other time-consuming activities to change the messaging as this all goes automatically when you schedule your content upon publishing. 

Can Netpresenter match our corporate branding?

Yes! Netpresenter enables you to use your logo, colors, and fonts, which results in a professional and branded experience for every user. This is especially beneficial for your non-desk employees and field workers; they can consume information in a familiar digital environment, which will help them feel part of your organization.

What does Netpresenter add to the communication channels we already use?

Our customers love to use us to enhance messages and strengthen information. Netpresenter uses the power of repetition by showing messages continuously, which ensures messages are genuinely read and are actually remembered. Additionally, Netpresenter ties all your channels together: you can display your intranet messages or lengthy e-mails in a shorter version on Netpresenter to grab the attention with visual communication. We designed Netpresenter to force you to create compelling and visual content that can be read in a matter of seconds, so you don’t have to spend hours reading messages. And, last but not least: it helps you to reach everyone, even your remote teams, your non-desk employees without access to a PC, or your field workers.

Do I have to spend a lot of time to keep Netpresenter's content up to date?

Definitely not, Netpresenter can keep itself up to date. With our handy scheduling feature, you can create messages upfront and publish them at exactly the right moment. Also, it can take content down automatically when it is no longer relevant. Whether you need to publish an important corporate update at a specific time, want to launch a cybersecurity awareness campaign, or would like to celebrate someone’s birthday; with our scheduling feature, you’re able to do so (even if you’re on vacation!).

How effective are Netpresenter tools and solutions?

Our statistics feature will give you a great overview of how many employees are actively reading and engaging with your content. A stats report will show you, among other things, the informed and engagement ratio, the (total) number of readers and comments and reactions, all in relation to the target audience. This can be requested for various time spans, such as a week or a month. This allows content managers to measure their efforts and determine whether targets are met. Additionally, our platform enables you to distribute (anonymous) polls and pulse surveys that allow you to measure your organization’s pulse and ask your staff for their honest opinions. Our customers report that 83 percent of employees feel better informed; they also report 92 percent improved overall communication and 77 percent more engaged employees. Need more proof? Take a look at our customer stories or G2 review page to see what customers say about Netpresenter.

How is using your product different from other tools?

Netpresenter is a unique platform within an omnichannel communication strategy for our existing customers. Netpresenter helps you keep your staff informed, engaged, productive, and safe by leveraging every screen in your organization to display the latest news from one platform. We’ve created our platform to fit various audience groups’ preferences, and we’ve combined various communication channels such as digital signage, screensavers, and a mobile app so that organizations can reach every employee with the latest news – in real-time. Yes, even your frontline workers, non-desk workers, and remote workers! Netpresenter helps you to communicate visually, as our platform was designed to display short messages that draw attention when your staff isn’t focused on their tasks and is most receptive to information. Many of our customers use Netpresenter to enhance their intranet or email messages and bring these existing messages to their staff’s attention before redirecting them to the full message on their intranet, in an email, or in the Netpresenter mobile app.

Can we integrate with SharePoint (or other systems)?

Definitely! You can integrate your existing tools with Netpresenter and allow your colleagues to access vital business information from one employee communications platform. We offer many ways to synchronize, connect, and display content from the tools your staff already loves, including Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, to expand their reach and centralize information. These integrations require a one-time setup. After that, everything works automatically.

Can I schedule my messages in advance?

Yes! You can create messages upfront and schedule them in our CMS to publish them precisely at the right time. You can choose the date, hour, and even minute in which you want your message to be scheduled as well as the exact time you want your message to be taken down. Our scheduling feature also allows you to schedule messages repeatedly at a frequency of your choice: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly – at a specific day or date or at a regular interval. For example, schedule your colleagues’ birthdays once, and they will be repeated automatically every year – no need for you to come back and reschedule them.