Business intelligence is essential for every organization. There are many ways to gather data. Getting the data in the right hands, however, is an entirely different challenge. Make your organization truly data-driven by distributing real-time intel instantaneously to all employees.

powerbi business intelligence

There is more to business intelligence than just gathering data. Data alone cannot improve your business. It needs to be analyzed to come to new insights, and those insights should be used to make better decisions. People must turn data into wisdom. How can organizations unlock data for all employees?

Empower employees
with real-time access

The biggest challenge is making the right data available while it is still relevant. In a 24-hours economy, data is collected around the clock in abundant amounts. Companies struggle to select the right data and distribute it while it is still hot.

information accessible

Information not easily accessible

Making data well-kept secrets will not help your organization move forward.

Bigger picture

No bigger picture

Failing to combine data from multiple divisions makes it impossible to see the bigger picture.

outdated data

Invalid or outdated data

Dashboards that are only updated periodically will contain outdated information.

unused data

Unused data turns into ‘dark data’

Collected but unused data turns into ‘dark data’: an untapped goldmine, full of opportunities.

Make BI
available to all

Enable employees at every level of your organization to access crucial data. Instead of creating more and more dark data, publish your Business Intelligence reports and dashboards automatically on every screen. Everyone can view key metrics and make better decisions throughout their day.

A new level of
self-service BI

Using a large variety of channels, including digital signage screens, PCs, and mobile phones, any individual can access the data they need at any given moment through the device they prefer. They no longer must ask the data science team or IT department for the latest figures or wait for a periodically generated report. It is self-service BI at a whole new level.

Troubling statistics in the communication App-atmosphere

Mobile devices have become part of our lives, and in many ways, they make employees’ lives a lot easier. However, intensive private use also brings with it various risks and disadvantages for your organization. Discover the shocking statistics about the use of mobile devices.

Become a truly
data-driven organization

Improve transparency in your organization and create a data-driven culture. When real-time Business Intelligence is available for everyone throughout the day, every employee will gain valuable insights into how the company performs.

Connect Power BI
to instantly display intel

Already using Microsoft Power BI? Power BI connects natively with Netpresenter, enabling organizations to publish reports and dashboards in real-time on every screen, without having to take any extra steps. Ensure everyone is up to date, always.

Customer Story

Hoenderdaal Fasteners makes more out of their data

Hoenderdaal Fasteners was looking for a convenient way to make Power BI data transparent for their staff. Using Netpresenter, they can now share KPIs with all departments and provide their employees with real-time data. This enables them to anticipate the figures and work proactively.