Corporate Screensaver

Corporate screensavers are an effective tool for reaching every desk employee in your organization. By displaying visual information on inactive PC screens, they bring engaging messages directly to the attention of employees without disturbing them.

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Traditional communication methods like email often fail to reach employees. Inboxes are perpetually overflowing, remote workers are hard to contact, and crucial messages frequently get lost in the noise. Corporate Screensavers offer the perfect solution to actively reach employees and bring crucial information to their attention effectively.

Turn idle PC screens into
Communication tools

A Corporate Screensaver is essential for informing and engaging desk employees throughout the organization. It transforms idle screens into dynamic communication tools, keeping employees updated without disrupting their workflow. By extending office Digital Signage to remote workers, it ensures they stay informed and engaged regardless of location. Delivering visually appealing and relevant content, the Corporate Screensaver turns every available PC screen into an engaging source of information, to keep everyone informed and connected.


Inform without disturbing

Bring information directly to employees without disturbing them. Gentle repetition ensures high information retention.


Engage remote workers

Keep every desk employee informed and engaged no matter where they are: in the office, at home, or anywhere else.


Eliminate information overload

Cut through the clutter of overwhelming information. Inform employees with targeted content when they're not working.

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Communicate visually

Deliver information in a visually attractive way to grab attention and stimulate communication engagement.

Light up
inactive PC screens

Bring inactive PC screens to life with important updates and announcements. Corporate Screensavers transform idle screens into dynamic and interactive communication channels, reaching employees during inactive moments and keeping them informed without disrupting their workflow. Repeated exposure ensures better information retention compared to one-time communications. Display critical news, important information, and reminders on all PC screens, maintaining an informed and connected workforce.

Reach every desk-employee effectively

Corporate Screensavers enable reaching every desk-employee; even those hard-to-reach remote ones. Instead of a default screensaver, they all see the latest news, information, and announcements, turning idle screens into effective communication channels. This keeps everyone engaged and informed, no matter where they are. By ensuring all employees stay in the loop, Corporate Screensavers create unity and awareness throughout the organization.

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Cut through the information clutter

Light up your employees’ screens with targeted updates and information. Corporate Screensavers cut through daily information overload by delivering specific content to each employee target group. Instead of being swamped with emails, employees see timely, relevant updates on their idle PC screens, keeping them informed and focused. This method ensures they only receive what they need during inactive moments, reducing interruptions and overload during work.

Engage through visual communication

Move from traditional employee communication to a visual experience. The Corporate Screensaver captivates employee attention and enhances engagement by turning plain messages into visually appealing displays. It enables seamless integration of company branding with ready-to-use templates that present text perfectly alongside images, GIFs, or videos. The Corporate Screensaver brings screens alive with dynamic content that informs and prompts action through call-to-action buttons. This activates communication, making it more engaging and effective for everyone.

“The screensaver automatically appears when a computer is not in use, allowing all personnel to take in the latest news and become involved. That way, we make maximum use of PCs that would otherwise just show an empty screen.”

Jenifer Murphy Safety First Coordinator at VCU Health

Other key features of the
Corporate Screensaver


Targeted messaging

Target content to employee segments, ensuring only relevant information reaches employees.

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Central Content Management

Easily distribute content across all screens from a central location.


SharePoint integration

Automatically distribute SharePoint headlines across PC screens to increase SharePoint visits.


High customizability

Customize through company brand colors, fonts, and logos for optimal internal branding.


Interactive buttons

Add call-to-action buttons to encourage readers to take desired actions.


Multimedia support

Enhance messages with images, videos, and GIFs to grab people’s attention.

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Dynamic Content

Embed dynamic content like news feeds to keep information current.


Network Optimization

Minimizes network usage for smooth and efficient content delivery.

We’re a leader in
Employee Communications

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about the Corporate Screensaver, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is a Corporate Screensaver?

A Screensaver is a powerful communication tool to easily deliver targeted and eye-catching visual communications to employees’ computers. The Screensaver of Netpresenter transforms idle computer screens into an interactive communication channel and effectively makes employees, whether they work in the office or at home, aware of key corporate messages without disturbing them unnecessarily. 

Why is the Corporate Screensaver also called "Desktop Digital Signage"?

The corporate screensaver can also be seen as ‘desktop digital signage’ because it transforms idle PC screens into dynamic displays of corporate information. This extends the reach of traditional digital signage to individual desktops, ensuring important updates are visible to all employees, including those working remotely. By leveraging existing hardware, it provides a cost-effective solution that enhances communication and engagement within the organization, even bringing digital signage to the home offices of remote workers.

Is it easy to deploy the Corporate Screensaver on computers?

Definitely! The Screensaver works on existing networks and can be deployed easily via Group Policy (as MSI package) on every computer.

Does the Corporate Screensaver work without an internet connection?

Yes, it does. Our Screensaver has an intelligent, self-cleaning buffer (cache) that ensures your presentation is always active, even when the network connection is disrupted.

What types of media can be displayed with the Corporate Screensaver?

You can display images, GIFS, and (streaming) video in all major formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, and YouTube.

How about the CPU and bandwidth usage of the Corporate Screensaver?

The Screensaver is designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure and has a low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache.

What are the system requirements of the Screensaver?

Visit our support center to download the system requirements and other tech sheets.