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Avoid a jumble of information, in which important messages drop out of sight, and people lose the overview. Use our Microsoft Teams integration to keep Teams organized for everyone; even for people without access to a computer. 

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Increased usage of Microsoft Teams leads to an increased number of messages, conversations, and teams. Teams serves as the main hub for all collaboration, while at the same time, important messages are easily overlooked. With Netpresenter’s Teams integration, the entire company stays up to date, and everyone immediately sees what is genuinely important.

Smart solution for information overload in Microsoft Teams

Automatically show highlights and relevant content of Teams, such as CEO announcements or updates from project groups, on every screen within your organization.

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Smart algorithm

Prevent losing the overview within Teams. A smart algorithm collects the most important messages from selected channels and conjures them up on every screen.

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Teams for everyone

Display highlights from Microsoft Teams on every screen and make content available for everyone, even for employees without their own PC or access to Teams.

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Automatically on all screens

Effortlessly reach your entire organization via every available screen. An announcement from the CEO or project status update? A message in Teams does the trick!

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Publish to Teams

Reach employees where they chat (daily). Publish messages directly to Microsoft Teams to reach everyone effectively, including colleagues working from home.


One-time configuration

The connection between Microsoft Teams and Netpresenter is easy to set up. It only requires a one-time configuration; the rest of the setup is done automatically!

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Omnichannel solution

Include Teams as an integral part of a powerful omnichannel solution. Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, Excel, calendars, social media, and more, all from one system.

“Your message in the original Teams channel as well as displayed on every screen: anyone who still misses a message, has not paid attention!”

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Lars Martens Business Manager at ShareOne

Netpresenter blog

Microsoft Teams: the number one platform for all your corporate communication – right?

The times when we exclusively worked in the office with our colleagues are over. Lars Martens, Business Manager at Microsoft 365 specialist ShareOne, thinks the coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we work for good.

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