From connecting departments and functions to engaging staff and citizens, Netpresenter helps meet government organizations’ top priorities. Bring information to employees wherever they are from a secure communication platform.

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In order to provide the best possible service to their communities, government workforces always need the latest information about their organization and their surroundings, as well as an awareness regarding the challenges their organization faces nowadays. How do you create a connected and engaged workforce community with an understanding of the people they serve daily?

Connect employees,
create solidarity

Connect employees to their organization, their colleagues, their local community’s goings-on, and the information they need to thrive in their jobs and serve their community optimally. Fix communication gasps and surmount physical and psychological distance by communicating through a platform that reaches everyone and enables social interaction. No company emails are needed to align the entire workforce from one platform with just one click.


Build culture across departments

Create a diverse and inclusive organization with a shared culture and support social engagement for cross-departmental interaction.


Publish instantly and timely

Create your content upfront and schedule it to be published at specific times to ensure it is timely, relevant, and always up to date.


Display information concisely

Display news through a platform with a strong visual aspect, which forces you to convey info clearly and concisely to your busy staff.


Promote and ensure compliancy

Publish important compliance campaigns to every device in your organization to assure staff get it, read it, and follow important rules and measures.

“Employees love Netpresenter. I love Netpresenter. It gives us the ability to get information out there quickly. And it is as easy as writing an email.”

Angela Wilson Management Information at Augusta Housing Authority

Instant notifications
ensure readership

Netpresenter completely bypasses email to engage and inform employees directly on various tools such as digital signage, desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Important reminders can be sent as notifications that your staff simply can’t skip or ignore – unless you provide the option to. Guarantee readership with our attention boosters; automatic retargeting ensures you reach only those who have yet to take a specific action.

Redirect staff
to important news

Are your staff members too busy to read the carefully crafted messages on your intranet? Netpresenter helps you highlight the most important information on your intranet by automatically bringing it to your employees. Our SharePoint integration automatically extracts intranet articles and publishes them to connected devices, such as digital signage screens, laptops, and desktops, or smartphones.


Proven communication
for government

Netpresenter is successfully being used by many governmental organizations around the world. Some of the governmental organizations we love working with:

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United States Government Printing Office moves beyond print

Since GPO has started using Netpresenter, most of 2,400 GPO employees agree that the new system helped make communication at GPO more effective, with 57% feeling the system helped improve GPO communication ‘a great deal’!

Target content to inform staff and guests

No way to inform your visitors and guests? No problem! You can create content for your guests and visitors from the same platform you use to inform your staff. Netpresenter allows you to target locations, departments, devices, or individuals, so you can be sure guests get to see only the info that’s of relevance to them, such as wifi passwords, important reminders, events, or even fun facts.

Reach everyone wherever they work

Have trouble reaching a mix of frontline, office, and remote workers, all in disparate locations, working at different times? A multichannel approach will help you reach everyone, no matter where or when they work. Use digital signage, computers, and mobile devices for delivering news to employees to ensure everyone gets important updates and is included in your organization’s information flow.

We’re a leader in
Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

“Strong Tool to Communicate with Dispersed Audience”

Deborah O’Driscoll

“Great narrowcasting tool to reach everyone within your company”

Coen Mulder

“Netpresenter helps engage all employees working at home to stay connected with the company”

Jack Vogelaar

Success Story

Connecting and uniting employees with Netpresenter

Sittard-Geleen uses Netpresenter to connect colleagues and to reduce psychological and physical distances between employees, their colleagues, the organization, and the city they work for by publishing messages that bring about a sense of unity and connection.

Additional benefits for
governmental organizations


Target specific staff

Target specific locations, departments, teams, or even individual employees to ensure information is always relevant to the receiver.


Train and traffic information

Show live traffic information and train and subway timetables. Allow staff and visitors to adjust their schedules and commuting routes accordingly.


Measure comms performance

Measure your messages' performance with our built-in statistics to see what resonates with your staff and improve your comms strategy.


Show third-party content

Show third-party content such as industry news to keep staff up to date on the latest knowledge and news within their industry.


Use your own branding

Use your own logo, color palette, and fonts to provide a familiar experience and bring a key part of your organization to your remote employees.


Provide effective wayfinding

Provide wayfinding to employees and visitors and keep visitors informed about practical information such as opening times and visiting hours.

What our
customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our valued customers say about Netpresenter. Read their testimonials and success stories below and find out how we help them daily to achieve their goals.

Remco van Rijt Digital Comms Advisor at Sittard-Geleen Municipality
“Netpresenter is a unique platform with its own characteristics. It allows us to present a beautiful image of high-quality pictures and display information concisely."
Jeffrey Brooke Director of Employee Communications at US GPO
"When we use Netpresenter to inform staff of training opportunities, course enrollments typically jump 20 to 40 percent following Netpresenter exposure."
Niels B. Incident & Quality Manager at Gemeente Assen
"Using the mobile app (big plus!) on all our company-phones in sync with a desktop application and digital signage screens no one gets left behind."