A crisis can hit any organization at any time, and when it does, communication is everything. Managing a crisis requires comms tools to safeguard against turmoil, reduce panic levels, and keep employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

crisis communication

Maneuvering a crisis can be a defining moment for internal communication as leaders try to get ahead of the crisis situation. Information can ignite or inhibit a crisis – it’s how you communicate that counts. Is your corporate crisis communication approach one that sends you out of the frying pan into the fire, or do you build trust and reduce risks?

Build resilience when emotions run high

It’s only natural for people to seek meaningful and authentic communication during uncertain times. The possibility to reach all employees with real-time information is vital. Set up a single source of truth, include everyone, and ensure business continuity.


hearing ear

Cancel rumors, create trust

Stay ahead of the rumor mill and make sure your employees heard it from you first. The truth is yours with real-time, continuous communication.


Make it relevant

Ensure your workforce only receives information relevant to them to increase clarity and minimize overcommunication and misinformation.

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Ease uncertainty

Reduce employee uncertainty in crisis times through compassionate, personalized comms from the source your staff trusts most: you.


Notify your organization

Send notifications on multiple channels to ensure everyone will be notified and informed, no matter their preferred source of information.

Leave no-one out;
accessibility anywhere

Netpresenter’s omnichannel platform enables you to reach your complete staff at the push of a button. On the go, in the office, or at home: publish communications through our App, Digital Signage, and Corporate Screensaver, and you’ll be sure to reach everyone.

Target, engage and
reach the right people

Some crisis communications must reach your complete organization; some don’t. Whether it’s important updates, instant notifications, new rules or protocols, or a CEO video; Netpresenter’s target functionality ensures those who need it get it.

Checklist: Crisis Preparing

This checklist offers organizations and communication professionals helpful tips to set up a crisis communication plan.

Manage your crisis
in real-time

When a crisis arises, time is of the essence. Notify your staff in real-time with key updates by sending them from your mobile app. Join response efforts at any moment right from your phone and keep information accurate and up-to-date.


Critical communications
call for push notification

Is your information timely and critical? Send a push notification. With Netpresenter’s push notifications, you can swiftly notify your workforce via app, PC, digital signage, or even SMS. Use predefined templates to save time and collect responses with reading confirmations.

Customer Story

Crisis communication regarding the coronavirus: USG’s approach

‘Our director regularly records a video message to keep everyone up to date. He records them for all members of staff because many people are now working from home. And we use our screens and screensavers to grab our colleagues’ attention. The screens direct people to our intranet to watch it.’