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How to Improve Compliance Awareness With Netpresenter Smart Campaigns

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Compliance awareness is crucial, especially in rapidly evolving fields such as cybersecurity. For example, Europe’s NIS 2 directive, as pwc points out, poses significant financial and personal risks for organizations and their leaders if they fail to comply with cybersecurity regulations. In this context, compliance communication and awareness are essential. It should become part of the organizational culture, literally changing behavior and thereby strengthening overall security. Netpresenter Smart Campaigns presents a strategic approach to achieving this.

About Netpresenter Smart Campaigns

As you know, setting up and managing employee training through yearly recurring training sessions or elaborate e-learning modules can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Fortunately, Netpresenter Smart Campaigns, powered by AI, take a significant load off your shoulders. You create a campaign and its content with AI assistance, set the goals, and activate. Smart Campaigns handles the complete training process. It spreads slides, tests knowledge, and adjusts training intensity until knowledge targets are automatically met.

Below, you can see a visual setup of a Smart Campaign. In the next steps, we’ll show you what all assets mean and how to create them, based on a practical example with cybersecurity as the main topic of the Smart Campaign.

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns - Overview

Step 1: Creating a Smart Campaign

Creating a Smart Campaign is straightforward. You simply name the campaign, describe it, specify the target audience, and select a category if needed. The name and description speak for themselves, but choosing the target audience is key. You can target the entire organization (appropriate for organization-wide topics such as cybersecurity) or specific departments or business units. This ensures that the campaign reaches only those who need it. In the category section, you can categorize the campaign as you wish.

Step 2: Going through the campaign wizard

The campaign wizard helps you understand how Smart Campaigns work and guides you through the entire set-up. At first, it explains:

  • How the Smart campaign works
  • Articles, slides, and quizzes,
  • How to create content for the campaign

Then, it will help bring you to the next step: creating a knowledge module

Step 3: Creating a knowledge module

A campaign consists of one or more knowledge modules. Knowledge modules are to campaigns what chapters are to a book. Knowledge modules enable splitting up a topic with a lot of information into multiple subtopics. Chunks of information are always more effective than long-form content when training employees. In our example, the first knowledge module (chapter) in your cybersecurity campaign (book) could be called “phishing.”

Step 4: Creating the article

The article is the key source of information in your knowledge module. It delves into the specifics of the module’s topic and is accessible exclusively through the Employee App on mobile and desktop.

Depending on the topic, you can decide to write the full article yourself or generate it through AI. The scope of the topic defines whether you should put in the information yourself or ask AI to write something for you. In our example case, the knowledge module’s topic is phishing, and you guessed it: the article is called the same: Phishing. This article could cover several subtopics, such as “What is phishing,” “How to spot Phishing emails,” “How to react to Phishing emails,” and so on.
(!) Not sure how to write the article? When creating one, you can always consult our “quick guide” with tips on how to write an effective article.

After completing the article, you look for an appropriate (stock) image, gif or video about phishing to make the article visually attractive and to strengthen the message. To top things off, you can decide to add an even more elaborate article or guide about phishing as an attachment or add a CTA to, for example, your SharePoint for more information.

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns - App Article

Step 5: Creating slides

Slides visually convey the article’s key points in small bits displayed on TVs (Digital Signage) and PCs (Corporate Screensaver). They are only visible when employees are not actively working, helping them grasp essential information without interrupting their routine. The best part? Slides reach everyone in a repetitive way for optimal knowledge retention, from desk to non-desk and remote employees.

In our example case, multiple slides must be created for the multiple subtopics in the phishing article. For example: “What is phishing” “How to recognize Phishing emails,” and “How to react to a phishing e-mail.” When manually creating a slide manually, you:

  1. Give a slide the name “What is phishing”
  2. Select one of our templates
  3. Add a button & QR code text like “Read more in the app”
  4. Add the image
  5. Select the output devices

(!) You can also generate slides through AI by simply clicking “generate with AI”, selecting a template, applying a preferred color theme and letting AI do the rest. It will use your article as its source of input and generate slides, including the text and image for you.

Are you looking to take your compliance awareness to higher levels? Schedule a Smart Campaigns demo for free today!

smart campaigns awareness digital signage

Step 6: Adding quiz questions

It’s crucial to test whether people understand and retain information. That’s what quiz questions are for. These are short questions with multiple-choice answering options automatically distributed to small groups of employees (sample testing). As such, they don’t disturb the entire organization, but they do give you a proper impression of awareness levels. In our example case, the quiz questions could be “What is phishing?” “How to recognize phishing emails?,” and “How to react to a phishing e-mail?”

When creating a quiz question, you:

  • Write the quiz question “What is phishing?”
  • Add the answering possibilities: a, b, c
  • Choose if you want to shuffle answering possibilities
  • Add an explanation with the correct answer

Not sure how to write questions and answers? When creating them, you can always consult our “quick guide” with tips.

(!) Just like with articles and slides, AI can help you to generate quizzes. Just hit “generate with AI” and AI does the rest. It uses the article as its source of information and starts generating questions, answering possibilities and explanations. As you can imagine, this saves a major amount of time!

smart campaigns quiz

Step 7: Publishing and Monitoring

Now, the fun part begins. You’re done creating the Smart Campaign. You only have to hit the “publish” button and let Artificial Intelligence do the rest. Netpresenter Smart Campaigns now starts generating maximum knowledge awareness until goals are met. How?

  1. Omnichannel, targeted training: it starts automatically spreading information across all channels (you told it to use), only targeting those whom you want to see the information.
  2. Automated testing: the quiz questions you created earlier will be automatically spread to select employees to assess knowledge
  3. Adaptive content delivery: based on assessed knowledge levels, AI automatically scales training intensity up or down until knowledge goals are reached.

During and after a campaign, you can easily monitor activity and performances through detailed dashboards, which monitor data such as response rates, quiz results, and campaign intensity. This offers managers and publishers immediate visibility into the campaign’s activity and effectiveness at any moment. In normal training, you must hope knowledge is being retained; now, you can tell by hard figures what the status is. This is an unmissable ingredient of compliance awareness strategies. If there’s a check from enforcement, you can always show the ongoing process and results of compliance training.

Netpresenter Smart Campaigns - Statistics Dashboard

Don’t leave your compliance awareness to chance

As you can see, Netpresenter Smart Campaigns make improving compliance awareness easy. Just create the campaign with the help of AI, and all the training and testing until knowledge goals are reached is fully automated. Easy, efficient and effective! Interested? Schedule a demo of Smart Campaigns today experience firsthand how Smart Campaigns can boost your compliance awareness.

Bas Dols
Bas Dols

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