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Introducing Netpresenter Smart Campaigns

We’re excited to introduce the AI game-changer for employee training: Netpresenter Smart Campaigns. A global first-of-its-kind feature designed to revolutionize employee training and compliance awareness within organizations. Smart Campaigns goes beyond upgrading traditional training methods. Organizations can seamlessly integrate Smart Campaigns into their culture to promote strategic, impactful training, creating a continuous learning environment without disrupting daily operations.

AI game-changer for employee training

Netpresenter Smart campaigns combines the power of AI, evidence-based training, and repetitive learning. As such, this feature provides a strategic approach to enhancing knowledge retention and compliance awareness. A true game-changer for employee training.

AI ensures that employees are trained effectively with minimal effort: users only need to provide input for training and Smart Campaigns does the rest. Amongst others, it aids in quickly and effortlessly (re)writing knowledge modules, creating slides, and generating quiz questions with in-depth explanations. As such, major amounts of time and effort are saved to create a full campaign. The most unique aspect is something else… It’s in automated testing and adaptive training:

  • Automated testing: AI employs automated sample testing through gamified quizzes. As such, it assesses knowledge levels in a fun way without disturbing all employees.
  • Adaptive content delivery: AI delivers bite-sized and relevant content directly to the targeted employees. It scales training intensity up or down continuously and automatically based on the results measured through automated testing.

The result? Employee training becomes significantly more time and cost-efficient, quickly, and effectively meeting key knowledge goals.

netpresenter smart campaigns dashboard - employee training

Improving learning without disruption

Smart Campaigns merge ‘big screen’ and ‘on-screen’ communication to convey messages in a repetitive way that doesn’t interrupt the employee’s workflow. By doing so, this feature guarantees broad dissemination of information without disruption in multiple ways

  • Repetitive learning: Smart Campaigns use omnichannel communication to distribute content across all screens (PC, TV, mobile). This feature trains employees repetitively and directly to maximize knowledge retention.
  • Targeted training: This feature can target specific employee groups, ensuring only those who need the information are trained.
  • Non-disruptive testing: Smart Campaigns assess knowledge levels with gamified testing in small employee groups, identifying knowledge gaps without disrupting the entire organization.
  • Adaptive, evidence-based training: This feature automatically adapts training intensity based on measured results. As such, unnecessary high or low training intensity is avoided.

Thus, Netpresenter Smart Campaigns use subliminal, repetitive training to enhance knowledge retention and awareness. The best part? Artificial Intelligence powers it all, making employee training easy and efficient.

netpresenter smart campaigns ai content generator - employee training

Step into the future of employee training

With Netpresenter Smart Campaigns, the future of employee training is here. This AI-driven, evidence-based approach promises to meet and exceed training objectives in an efficient and effective manner without interrupting the workflow.

Discover why Smart Campaigns is a game changer for employee training. Download the infographic, visit the feature page here or request a demo today!

Luc Bormans

Luc is the Head of Marketing at Netpresenter, known for his creativity and sharp sense of humor, with Michael Scott from "The Office" as his great example. He deeply understands market and customer needs, aligning marketing with product development and company goals.