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Announcing Our New Desktop Ticker

We are excited to introduce our latest tool – the Desktop Ticker. This tool continuously displays crucial headlines in a rolling format at the bottom of PC screens (both Windows and MacOs). It ensures your employees are in the loop with important information. Whether it’s system maintenance alerts, policy updates, or other timely reminders, our Desktop Ticker instantly grabs attention and keeps everyone informed.

desktop ticker policy

Why you’ll love the Desktop Ticker

  • Instant attention: Ensures your important messages cut through the noise and capture every employee’s focus immediately.
  • High visibility: Appears on top of all applications, making brief messages easily noticeable and quickly scannable.
  • Optimal reach: Enables to effortlessly communicate with your entire desk workforce or target specific groups.
  • Low disruption: Notifies employees effectively without interrupting their daily workflow, maintaining productivity while keeping everyone informed.

Strengthen your employee communication

Discover how our new Desktop Ticker can help you further improve your employee communications. Learn more about the Desktop Ticker or request a demo, to find out how it works.

Joey Pernot

Joey is Netpresenter’s Content Manager. His passion is to inspire and educate through engaging and creative content. Joey loves to spend time with friends and travel the world.