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Netpresenter Release ’22: QR Codes for Digital Signage and Extended Statistics

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New Netpresenter Release: Message Server 17.5 is here! We have worked hard to make our employee communication platform even more accessible and versatile for you. As a result, we can show some great improvements and additions to the functionalities of our platform. Keep reading to discover what’s new!

QR Codes for digital signage

We’ve made redirecting all of your employees to a website, registration form, additional information, your intranet, or other (external) sources even easier: you can now add a QR code to your digital signage messages.

With this new feature, a URL added as a hyperlink in a message created in the Message Server will be automatically converted into a QR code. The QR code is immediately visible on your TV screens and allows your audience to use their phones to read a full message or view more information after scanning it.

From now on, your entire workforce can easily access additional information. Your desk workers can click a link in the Desktop App or Screensaver, field workers use their Mobile App, and your non-desk workers can scan the QR code displayed on your TV screens. This means everyone is up to date on all of the information. Time to start scanning!

QR codes for digital signage

Extended statistics

We have extended the time period of our statistics. The number of published messages is now visible for 12 months. The time range of the engagement details can be set to 7, 30, 120, or 365 days.

More improvements!

  • Cybersecurity Template Pack update
    Your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge can help ensure the safety of your organization and its data. That’s why we updated our Cybersecurity Template Pack with 15 new cybersecurity tips. The template pack now consists of as many as 45 tips on topics such as ‘Online Safety’, ‘Ransomware’, and ‘Vishing’. Use these templates to schedule a weekly cybersecurity campaign to increase your employees’ cybersecurity awareness.
  • Emoji support 🤩
    From now on, your messages will be even more eye-catching 👀: we’ve added emoji support to our latest version, so you can add emojis to your messages. Yay! 🥳 In the Message Server, you can choose from a list of 72 popular emojis, or you can easily copy any other emoji to the header or body text of your message 💬
  • Separate Wallpaper and Lock Screen output
    The Wallpaper and Lock Screen output can be switched on or off separately per site.
  • Bug fixes
    We have added some bug fixes and security patches to this version.

Curious about what else has been updated in Netpresenter?

Check out the Release Notes 2022 for a complete overview of all the new features and enhancements in this Netpresenter Release. Want to ask all your questions immediately? Get in touch with our consultants or schedule a free 30-minute demo to see everything our platform has to offer!

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