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VCU’s unique Performance Improvement approach

By feeding their employees positive stories about safety initiatives and error prevention, through Netpresenter driven screensavers, VCU creates a work environment that is more safety aware and that rewards original initiatives in the field of safety and error prevention.

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Getting vital emergency information across to 7,000 people

Netpresenter helps the University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) alert its 7000 staff members immediately and effectively with emergency alerts that cannot be overlooked. Find out how they are reaching everyone quickly with warning messages on TV screens and screensavers on computers.

“Netpresenter has an immediate feel good effect
on the Brooklyn Hospital Center”

eric sommer brooklyn hospital
Eric Sommer Senior writer & editor at The Brooklyn Hospital Center


Entire countries rely on Netpresenter to save the lives of missing children

Not only organizations use Netpresenter technology, even entire countries rely on our software. As a proud sponsor of AMBER Alert Europe, we have built nationwide emergency systems in cooperation with national governments in various EU countries. Every day, our expertise and platform are used to save the lives of missing children.