A healthy internal communication with Netpresenter and SharePoint

Janssen-cilag, part of the healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, implemented a new, Beneluxwide intranet in 2009. Microsoft sharePoint was selected to drive this intranet. By linking Netpresenter to sharePoint, all internal news is also automatically displayed on several large TV-screens and about 550 PC screens in the offices in Tilburg (the Netherlands) and Berchem (Belgium). with the brief and to the point news items on all these screens, employees are continuously updated on the latest developments at Janssen-cilag and its parent company. 

Messages are automatically created from SharePoint

“Last year, our two offices in Tilburg and Berchem became part of one Benelux organization as part of the overall Johnson & Johnson strategy. We therefore also wanted to change over to one intranet and one internet site with the same ‘look and feel’ for both offices. For this, we chose to work with Microsoft SharePoint. In the Tilburg office, we already used Netpresenter software since 2005 to communicate with staff. Both IT, communications departments and staff were very pleased with this software solution. In Tilburg we were therefore quite keen to continue to work with Netpresenter. Luckily the responsible teams at the Berchem office were very open to the idea, especially when we found out that we could link Netpresenter to the new SharePoint environment,” explains John Haast, BRM/ Business Relationship Manager Applications Benelux at Janssen-Cilag. “Because of the link to SharePoint, Netpresenter messages are automatically created from SharePoint. Saving us a lot of time as messages only need to be created and adjusted on one location. All you need to do now is tick a box when an intranet message also needs to be published on Netpresenter. This ensures  information is kept up to date better. Plus: news that is put on the intranet is really read by all because it also appears on all PC screens and large TV screens,” continues Haast.

News in French or Dutch

Because some of the employees working at the Berchem office speak Dutch, while others speak French, Janssen-Cilag chose to make all news available in both Dutch and French. Haast: “Employees can choose what language they would like to read the news in; each page there has a channel switcher which people can use to switch to either Dutch or French. All news items are the same – there always is a literal translation in both languages. We have also chosen to only add news that is of interest to employees in both offices, because the plan is to further integrate the two offices in the coming years. This means there are no location specific news items.”

Inform both visitor and staff

Thanks to the link between SharePoint and Netpresenter, the latest internal news is automatically displayed on about 550 PC screens. “We, for example, use this medium to briefly introduce new employees, bring to the attention people leaving the company, financial figures, new products, Johnson & Johnson developments, etcetera,”

Haast adds. “To ensure all messages have the same ‘look and feel’, all news items have the same background and layout, based on our intranet style.” In the Tilburg office there also is a large

TV screen in the reception area where Netpresenter is used to inform visitors on the different Johnson & Johnson companies in the Netherlands. The same information is shown on a TV screen near the training and meeting facilities because these areas are also frequented by visitors.

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Good cooperation a critical success factor

“Because we chose to roll out the new SharePoint environment, a new intranet and Netpresenter simultaneously, there were of course a few hurdles to take. In those instances it proved

to be of critical importance your technical partners are standby to help you clear these hurdles. Good cooperation between the different partners is a crucial success factor to any project and I am glad to say that the Netpresenter IT team was great to work with – as soon as we reported a problem or posed a question, action was undertaken immediately,” concludes Haast.

Some of the other Johnson & Johnson companies that are already using Netpresenter software are:

  • Centocor (Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • Ortho Biologics (Manati, VS)
  • Ortho Biotech (Horsham, VS)
  • Janssen Ortho LLC (Guaynabo, VS)
  • Ortho Pharmaceuticals (Gurabo, VS)

About Janssen-cilag

Janssen-Cilag, providing innovative and high quality medicines, is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, the world’s most broadly based producer of healthcare products. In Europe, Janssen-Cilag has over 6,000 employees.