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A healthy internal communication with Netpresenter and SharePoint

By linking Netpresenter to SharePoint, all internal news is also automatically displayed on several large TV-screens and about 550 PC screens in the offices in Tilburg (the Netherlands) and Berchem (Belgium).

Johnson & Johnson, implemented a new, Beneluxwide intranet in 2009. Microsoft SharePoint was selected to drive this intranet. With brief and to-the-point news items on all these screens, employees are continuously updated on the latest developments.


The intranet and Netpresenter are two important communication channels that need to ensure critical corporate information and interesting news items are shared with office staff and fieldworkers in the Benelux organization. After all, good internal communication contributes greatly to employees’ corporate engagement.


By linking Netpresenter and SharePoint messages that are published on the intranet can now automatically be published on all Netpresenter driven screens; employees and visitors are immediately updated on the latest (internal) news via large TV screens and about 550 PC screens.


Systems are now linked so updating news on both systems can be done quickly and easily. Messages are read faster and are available in French and Dutch. Employees feel more informed and more committed to the company.

‘Netpresenter messages are automatically created from SharePoint. Saving us a lot of time as messages only need to be created and adjusted on one location.’

John Haast Business Relationship Manager Applications Benelux at Johnson&Johnson

About Jansen-Cilag

Janssen-Cilag, providing innovative and high quality medicines, is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, the world’s most broadly based producer of healthcare products. In Europe, Janssen-Cilag has over 6,000 employees.

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