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Kiezebrink and Netpresenter: focus on food and communication

For a growing organization with employees working from various locations, streamlined internal communication is crucial. With Netpresenter digital signage and screensavers, Kiezebrink takes the bull by the horns. The organization’s on-screen communication brings current information to their employees quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

To keep the well-oiled machine that is Kiezebrink running, employees work from production sites, from the office, as truck drivers and from home. Keeping things running smoothly, however, doesn’t just require hard-working employees – it also calls for relevant information for all employees and efficient employee communication. Screensavers and digital signage make this happen.


As Kiezebrink is a growing organization, reaching all employees at various locations became increasingly difficult. Thus, the organization was looking for a way to reach all its employees, wherever they are: production sites, offices, home offices, and vehicles such as trucks. Kiezebrink also wanted to keep staff engaged (during organizational change) and keep its vision and core values top of mind.


Netpresenter digital signage on large screens in canteens throughout Kiezebrink’s office buildings and production sites keeps factory and office employees up to date, as well as truck drivers. Screensavers on employees’ laptops help keep office employees informed and make sure all relevant information reaches remote workers, too.


Kiezebrink’s open and transparent culture is strengthened through streamlined internal communication and up-to-date information. Staff is engaged with the company and its values. Employees are immediately informed of important news or changes during the coronavirus crisis and during organizational changes.

“By streamlining internal communications and distributing information that’s up to date, Netpresenter helps to strengthen Kiezebrink’s open culture.”

Jannicke Kiezebrink Director Operations at Kiezebrink

About Kiezebrink

Kiezebrink is a producer and supplier of a wide variety of feeds for birds of prey, reptiles, zoo animals, dogs, cats, and many other animals. With a mission statement that states ‘Focus on Food – Exotics Animal Feeds and Raw Food Diets’, the development, production, and supply of healthy and responsible (raw) animal food is central. In 2020, Kiezebrink celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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