Getting vital emergency information across to 7000 people on any screen

The University of Tennessee Medical Center uses Netpresenter software to alert and inform more than 7,000 people at its facilities. With 54 large TV screens throughout the medical center and an interactive screensaver on every PC, alert messages are impossible to ignore.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center regularly experiences severe weather. This was also the case in 2011 when a tornado ravaged the area. After the disaster, it became clear that overhead messaging and email were no longer adequate methods to alert UTMC’s 7,000 employees in a timely manner. Instead, the Medical Center decided to start using Netpresenter. 


Providing timely and effective alerts to everyone in the medical center. Distributing internal news to all employees.


Alerting and informing all staff members, patients, and visitors through digital signage on 54 TV screens and interactive screensavers on 6,000 PCs.


Everyone is immediately informed and knows how to act in case of an emergency. Employees are better informed, feel safer, and comply with laws and regulations. 

Our employees are very enthusiastic about Netpresenter. They know they can count on Netpresenter to get information that matters. Basically, with Netpresenter, they get better information quicker than before.

Jeromy Welch Internal Communications Coordinator at UTMC

About UTMC

The University of Tennessee Medical Center is a large comprehensive academic medical center which offers a full range of services. It is a licensed 581 bed facility & has approximately 7,000 ‘team members’ that work directly for the University of Tennessee Medical Center or are closely affiliated with the Medical Center.




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