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How Automatic Signal keeps its dispersed workforce engaged

With Digital Signage, Screensavers, and a mobile app, Automatic Signal engages and connects its geographically dispersed workforce and provides everyone directly and immediately with important news.

Automatic Signal, a leading technical security company, has a dispersed workforce: employees work on customers’ sites, in the office, or from home. Thus, the company was looking for a way to make all employees feel like an important part of the company, wherever they work. They found an answer in Netpresenter’s multichannel platform.


Make a diverse workforce with employees working on-site, from home, or in the office all feel like they are an important part of the company. In addition, reach everyone with important company information such as safety messages, fun facts, and company news through various channels.


Netpresenter digital signage for office employees, corporate screensavers for employees working from home, and the mobile app, to reach, connect and engage field workers. Repeating more elaborate communication with a short message on Netpresenter to reinforce the message.


Employees feel better informed. Office workers, remote workers, and field workers are all more connected to the organization and feel like they are an important part of Automatic Signal. (Digital) security is reinforced through the regular display of various security messages. Important company principles are continuously brought to all employees’ attention.

“The platform’s versatility is extremely useful for informing and engaging colleagues who primarily work outside our organization’s buildings.”

Sandy Roozen Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Automatic Signal

About Automatic Signal

Automatic Signal provides integrated security systems for the medium and high-risk segment and specializes in the market segments of, among others, government agencies, museums, and private individuals. Automatic Signal has been an authority in technical security for work and residential environments for almost 65 years. The company works for customers who take their security seriously and want to receive a high-quality and appropriate security solution.

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