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Inform and alert an entire region at the push of a button

On 3 September 2011, Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb opted for ‘RijnmondVeilig’; a fast and easy way to alert, inform and involve your entire population through using any medium.

RijnmondVeilig.nl is a new communications platform that allows joint emergency services to quickly and effectively alert an entire population or specific communities in case of calamities or in times of crises.


Alert as many people as possible as quickly as possible in one or more of the 19 municipalities in Rijnmond or in the entire region.


A Rijnmond Alarm can be sent out with the push of a button via any medium: TV & radio, such as the calamity channel RTV Rijnmond, SMS & mobile website, e-mail, large advertising screens, PC pop-ups and social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


Police can also use the system to quickly communicate urgent investigation messages on a large scale, as happened recently with the suspects of the Corona riots, who were featured on billboards throughout the city.

Instantly inform and alert citizens, law enforcement agencies and the press using any medium’

Maurice Lenferink Head of Task Groups at Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam Rijnmond

About RijnmondVeilig

RijnmondVeilig.nl is a new communication platform that allows the combined emergency services to quickly and effectively alert residents of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region to major incidents and crises.


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