Inform and alert an entire region or country at the push of a button

The Dutch Rotterdam-Rijnmond region is home to the largest port of Europe and home to 1.2 million people. Situated in a highly industrial and closely inhabited part of the Netherlands, it is a matter of national security that these people are instantly warned and know what to do in case of an emergency, and that they are also involved and kept up to date on urgent police warnings. That is why recently the Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb opted for ‘RijnmondVeilig’; a fast and easy way to alert, inform and involve your entire population through using any medium.

‘AMBER Alert’ for crises is a new communications platform that allows the joint emergency services to quickly and effectively alert an entire population or specific communities in case of calamities or in times of crises. The aim is to warn as many people as possible in one go. The technology behind the system is the same as that being used for the succesful Dutch AMBER Alert, the Dutch nationwide alert system for urgent cases of missing children and child abductions. A so-called ‘Rijnmond Alert’ can be issued at the push of a button through any medium: TV & radio, SMS text messages & mobile website, e-mail, Digital Signage, PC pop-ups and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, alongside any existing alerting system. The website RijnmondVeilig. nl and other media can also be used for keeping people informed during smaller-scale incidents and for providing the public with tips in crime prevention and other general information.

Crime fighting

The system can also be used by the police to transmit urgent wanted notices or police warnings on a large scale, for instance on billboards throughout the city. It also allows the public to instantly send back tips and photos.

“Instantly inform and alert citizens, law enforcement agencies and the press using any medium”