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VCU Health displays crucial warning messages on 7,000 screensavers

Reaching all employees at different sites with one easy and effective method – impossible? Not for VCU Health in Richmond, Virginia. An interactive screensaver on all 7,000 PCs enables the organization to inform, instruct and alert over 8,000 employees at the different VCU sites across the city.

With approximately 20,000 surgeries and almost 90,000 Emergency Department visits per year, safety is paramount at VCU. One of VCU’s goals, thus, was ensuring the organization’s overall safety. With Netpresenter, they make sure safety is always top of mind by continuously highlighting positive developments in VCU’s safety culture.


VCU wanted to improve overall organizational safety by keeping over 8,000 employees at 25 different sites informed of the latest news and procedures and keeping safety top of mind at all times. They also wanted an easy and effective way to alert employees quickly in case of pressing circumstances such as extreme weather, internet outages, or traffic problems.


Netpresenter’s interactive corporate screensavers were installed on 7,000 PCs – including computers that can be wheeled in and out of patients’ rooms. These screensavers enable VCU to highlight original safety initiatives and keep staff informed. Additionally, the medical center uses them to alert staff in case of critical issues in VCU’s medical environment.


Screensavers on all PCs enable VCU to reach all employees, even those without direct access to a computer. This results in overall increased safety awareness and improved general performance. On top of that, employees are better informed and instantly alerted in case of an emergency or pressing situation, and VCU is now assured that employees genuinely read and receive urgent messages.

‘Netpresenter is the ideal vehicle to make sure that the message reaches everybody, including those without access to a computer, for instance in clinical areas.’

Jenifer Murphy Safety First Coordinator at VCU Health

About VCU Health

VCU Health is the only academic medical center in central Virginia. With over 550,000 Outpatient Clinic visits and more than 84,000 Emergency Department visits in 2011, VCU Health is on the forefront of health care in the US.


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