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Barenbrug and Netpresenter: a strengthened family feel for all employees

To further strengthen that family feel and keep the community alive within the organization, Barenbrug uses Netpresenter’s News App for smartphones and Netpresenter’s digital signage solution on screens in canteens and public areas.

Barenbrug is a family business with a unique specialization: the sale and development of grass seeds. Even with offices and research facilities in over twenty-two countries and with more than eight hundred employees, a family feel is a key factor in Barenbrug’s corporate culture.


An alternative to the monthly newsletter to spread news when it is still current and enable interaction with colleagues. Reaching all employees, including non-desk employees, with current, interactive communications to increase connection.


Netpresenter’s Mobile App for over eight hundred employees in over twenty-two countries and Netpresenter’s narrowcasting solution on screens in canteens and various public areas.


More effective communication towards all employees and visitors. News is current, people can respond and information reaches all employees. Leadership communication can be brought directly to employees.

‘Our staff consists of about forty to fifty percent non-desk workers. With the Netpresenter app, we can reach them a lot more easily now.’

Mirella van de Sant Global Marketing Director at Barenbrug

About Barenbrug

Barenbrug Group is a world leader in developing turf and forage solutions. The company is a family business at heart. Barenbrug is the preferred partner for innovative and sustainable forage and grass solutions, sharing their global expertise with local clients worldwide. In 2004, Barenbrug even received the designation Royal for their expertise!

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