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Instantly grab any audience’s attention with Netpresenter’s Desktop Alerts. Publish breaking company news, emergency alerts, or important employee updates to everyone, at any location and any time.

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With Desktop Alerts, your messages will never be missed or left unread! Directly send vital information to your staff in the form of desktop pop-up messages that will appear on top of any other application. Acknowledgment buttons in pop-ups give you an exact idea of who has and (more importantly) who hasn’t read your message, giving you a clear indication of your message’s reach.

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Our Desktop Alert solution is developed with unique, specific features to raise its efficiency in conducting your messages. To achieve the true omnichannel effect, our complete suite has even more to offer. Visit our feature page for a complete overview of all features that help you keep your employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe


Urgent Messaging

Share important crisis messages, compliance communication, CEO messages, SharePoint alerts, outage notifications etc.


100% delivery

Urgent desktop alerts will appear on top of screensavers and other full-screen applications – guaranteed 100% delivery.



Include message acknowledgement buttons to ensure staff have read and acknowledged important messages.


Highly visible

Alerts are highly visible in a format that cannot be ignored – add a flashing red border or sound for extra impact.

“The alert messages are instantly visible to our employees, taken seriously and – even more importantly – instructions are followed. Combined with our existing alarm system, this is an extremely effective way of alerting everybody”

Vivienne van Leeuwen Webmanager at Erasmus MC

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Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

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Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Desktop Alerts, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is Netpresenter Desktop Alert?

A Netpresenter Desktop Alert is a notification that appears on your desktop when your organization shares breaking company news, emergency alerts, or important employee updates to everyone at any location and any time.

Can Desktop Alerts be blocked by pop-up or ad blockers?

No. Desktop Alerts cannot be blocked or stopped by pop-up blockers. This means the alerts cannot be ignored or missed.

Is it also possible to embed an alarm or siren sound?

Yes, that is possible! To draw even more attention to your alerts, it is possible to add a flashing red border, alarm, or voice message to your alerts.

Can I schedule Desktop Alerts?

Yes, this is possible. You can schedule a Desktop Alert to appear at a specific date or time. This allows you to, for example, schedule IT-related updates, such as server maintenance, in advance and make timely announcements.

Can a pop-up be published or shown in different sizes?

Yes, a Desktop Alert can have different levels. High-level alerts will be displayed full screen, medium level alerts will be displayed at 50% of the screen, and low-level alerts can be displayed as a small notification (25% of the screen) in the bottom right corner of a screen.

What are the system requirements for your Desktop Alert solution?

Visit our support center to download the system requirements and other tech sheets.